Raiz' First Grow Log - 3 White Widow Seeds from Nirvana

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by raizla, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. bubadutep75

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    Awesome grow

    Not sure why all my replies ended up on one reply but you get the message. :wtf3:
  2. michaelpeg

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    come on raiz we want an update
  3. bubadutep75

    bubadutep75 Registered+

    Whats up raiz, I read your whole log but still waiting for conclusion, are you going to give us pics of the bud or what?
  4. cannamanibus

    cannamanibus Registered+

    Excellent job!!

    Damnit, i know i didn't just spend 2 hours reading all 14 pages just to get to page 14 and have no more pics with a final product. Because this is one of the best QUALITY logs i have seen. Alot of plant love and i bet your harvest showed it. Awesome stuff man. All about quality not quantity!;)

  5. Unknownfigure

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    Has he even posted since the last update...?

    Perhaps something happened...

    I wish him the best of luck, those truly were nice plants.
  6. canniwhatsis

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    No new posts, his last one was thanking Dutchpimp for the links to curing,.... Hope every things okay. And he's just to medicated to type. :jointsmile:
  7. 0ldtimer

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    Sorry to hear that your feminized WW cocked-up on you. I don't typically care for feminized genetic backbones personally, but some like them. Depends on your POV. In late flower some of my equatorial girls will shoot naners regardless of stress. WW does have south american in her, but none of my WW ever hermied on me in late flower. If I think I have fertile pollen floating around w/ less than 3 weeks to finish, I typically spray the sacks once w/ plain R/O water to germinate any viable pollen grains and let them finish.
  8. yorban

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    I am appalled and outraged at the absence of op!
  9. jdcha1

    jdcha1 Registered

    Anyone know what color temperature he used for vegging and for flowering?

    It looks like for flowering he used 4 3000K and 2 daylight spectrum
    Can anyone confirm this?

    What did you use for vegging?
  10. Stomper420

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    Nice, looks like I found my lights:thumbsup:
  11. MuffinFlavored

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    Are we supposed to be left wondering?
  12. KnowledgeIsPower

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    Really glad i viewed this log. Thanx 4 all the pics.
  13. Fedup

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    This splendiferous grow log certainly deserves a proper denouement. We can all make a good enough guess at the yield. So that mystery is no big question mark. I have to believe that things turned out well in the very end, if only on account of the golden touch Raiz seemed to enjoy. It simply stands to reason that copious bud flowed for some time from this endeavor.

    I recall another epic and rather joyous thread of Emilya's first grow. There too however we did not get to bear witness to the crop. It makes me wonder, if a bit on the high side, weather or not there is an unwritten rule about final revealment. I might have made that word up, but you know what I mean. Or just didn't notice it mightn't be a real word. : ).

    Perhaps we'll hear from Raiz some years down the road.

    I learned a lot, had fun, and grew to love this thread (let's not forget Emilya's too).

    Thanks Raizla, you made it an insightful and alarmingly easy grow : ).
  14. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    For me at least, there was and still is a fear of revealing just how well my gardens did, yield wise. Part of this is silly because we are effectively hiding our true identities here, and part of it is prudent because there are a few people who know me in real life and have my address, and they have no business knowing what I might have sitting around here. I also seem to get amazing yields from my scrog screen and my fluorescent lights, and I find it causes less commotion around here if I don't brag about my yields... no one wants to be out done by a girl. :)
  15. QueenGreen

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    Just read start to finish. So sad I don't get to see the ending. Like watching 30 minutes of a movie on a lunch break . . . never know the ending.
  16. Fedup

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    Dry weight, I think, is an invaluable bit of data after watching plants grow throughout a log and is sometimes one we seem to miss out on, especially so with the very few better documented grows.

    I get it not to freely share that information, for the stated and possibly countless other reasons, but boy, is it's absence felt. By many.
  17. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    let's just say that fairly consistently, I get about 6-8 oz dry out of my 4' x 2' screen, unless something goes wrong. And trust me, some of the experiments have not worked out and I have seen yield suffer. Yield seems to be down this time with my 13/11 experiment but I am not at all sure and won't know until it is all trimmed up for sure. The buds don't seem to be as tight as usual, yet many of them are so heavy with trichomes that they have laid down.
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  18. Fedup

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    That's very helpful, thanks Emily. It helps me plan ahead, which is my main motive for asking.
  19. Shawn Roberts

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    I put two ww and black cherry
    I put 2 ww seeds in a root riot and put them in a tray and then put them in a round container with just enough water to the bottom of the tray and put it in my grow tent with the rest of my plants,they sprouted really fast.
  20. raizla

    raizla Registered+

    Hey guys. I'm still alive and very, very sorry. I know a lot of you were looking for pictures of the final results and I can post them if anyone is interested. I had to dig them up on an old computer. :(
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