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    Just a rambling on legalization. Clearly this year is going to be a banner year. I'm not sure there is any major states that are voting on legalization this year. Michigan heads that list. There are a few, but the bigger trend is legislative legalization, either recreational or medical. Either way it's another feather in the hat for taking down federal prohibition.

    That's where I'm hoping at the federal level. I still think legalization in the US congress is dead this year, but at least having more congressmen being voted into office that do support legalization would be a welcome sight. I don't see anyway other than full legalization at the federal level. Its unclear if anything could be done before 2019, even then expect baby steps until Trump is out of office. At a bare minimum, I'm hoping at least banking will be dealt with. That's the big kahuna short of actually legalizing weed at the federal level.

    Before the 2016 election, there were very few congressmen supporting federal legalization. What a difference 15 months makes. After this year's election, there should be even more congressmen that support legalization. The pendulum is finally swinging away from rote prohibition to at least enough congressmen that legalization efforts will never die out. Hopefully, the congressmen that are allowing marijuana bills to die in committee will either retire or get voted out of office.


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