Rams horn but only on some plants.

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    Hey guy seems like I am getting rams horn on mainly my SD strain. I am at the start of week 2 of flower and just did my water change today. I am running a DWC Bucket system under 10 1000w sodiums. Pictures are included but not sure if you guys can see, I have no clue why my iphone is getting these black bars. What could be causing the folding of my leaves?

    My current Ph is 6.0 and my EC is 1.6

    I am using mainly H & G with Calmag and Open Sesame, stopping this week.

    Also, when the lights go off the plants droop but perk back up about an hour before the lights come on.

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  2. KingGidorah

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    Just a bit of an update, I am thinking they may be suffering from some heat stress. My temps are between 76 81 but my wife told me she turned off my light cooling system, when I went up it was 85 and I turned the cooler back on, just in case I unplugged 2 of the 10 lights. The lights where the plants seemed to be curling the most.
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    Im pretty sure its not heat.You can run into the 90s and not have to much stress.I like low to mid 80s.
    I grow in soil myself but your leaves look like mine do when im root bound.
    Look at the roots are they white?
    If they are brownish they are not as healthy as the should be.
    I know this is not much help so far But check the roots and let us know.Im sure people here can get you the info you need
  4. KingGidorah

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    Well the roots seem to be tan, when I pull them some come off .

    could it be to much nute? is 1.7 to high? upon latest check the EC has dropped to 1.5
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    I'm not a hydro guy, but in soil high nitrogen and high ph can cause ramshorning, but it looks more like the "claw" to me. In hydro I believe 6.0 ph is a tad high.
    How tan are the roots? Often the nutrients can stain the roots tan, but brown is a bad sign. Any bad smells? (algae perhaps?) Did you wash your hands before ripping the roots apart?

    Someone else with hydro experience is going to have to come in and verify or correct anything I've just posted though. I'm ok at soil grows, but hydro is a foreign language.
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    I agree. ..."Rams Horn?"
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    Ph issue. Overfertilization
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