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random DOT drug test today, used quick 5.7

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by libra102168, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. libra102168

    libra102168 Registered+

    i had a random DOT drug test today and used quick fix 5.7, i had been clean for 3+ yrs, but recently started again, anyway, i researched q/fix 5.7 and today was my random. went to local convience store heated for 10 seconds,attached my heat pad, stuffed in my underware and away i went.the trip to facility took 15 mins i arrived at the collection facillity,checked the temp , it was at 99, , went and chk'd in, washed my hands,empty my pockets, and added to test cup as planned, it was just enuff, she looked at it for temp, it was fine, started the chain of custody p/work, split the sample into two viles and i signed and initial'd p/work. my concern is , now will send it to a lab in lenexa,ks called clinical reference laboratory,for further testing i assume? will they be able to tell if it is a synethetic? i know that the chain of custody p/work i have says federal drug testing custody and control form, does this mean they run extensive tests, and will they find out if i subbed with a synthetic? i called q/fix and checked the batch numbers and they were all good. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY HELP EASE MY MIND! i live in midwest, today is friday i would imagine i wont know anything till at least mon/tues ? any feedback would be great. thank you
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  2. Burnt Toast

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    Sending the urine sample off to a lab for analysis is standard procedure on DOT tests because on-spot instant testing is prohibited under the DOT regulations.

    Once it arrives at the lab, an immunoassay screen with a 50 ng cutoff limit is performed as well as validity tests for creatinine, pH, specific gravity, nitrites, glutaraldehyde, and pyridine. Only if the sample tests positive for a given drug(s) will it undergo a confirmation GC/MS test. If a sample tests negative on the initial I/A screen, the test is over right then as a "pass" - no confirmation test will be performed.

    And as long as you used an unexpired QF batch that has not been exposed to direct sunlight, it will pass the validity checks mandated by the Agency.
  3. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Yep you should be good to go. Ex truck driver, I used Quickfix to pass 15 tests, never failed.
  4. libra102168

    libra102168 Registered+

    thanks killerweed, it is tues night and no word think i am good to go, quick fix is a life saver
  5. Bigg Cellus

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    Libra, keep us updated. I am an ex right now but maybe driving any day now. I'll be 36 in sept.
  6. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    No news is good news when it comes to drug tests.
  7. libra102168

    libra102168 Registered+

    well its tuesday july 5, no word or phone call, so i believe all is well. i have try'd everything in the past NOTHING EVER WORKED, i am impressed and amazed with the results. i was told dot tests were more extensive and also tested for adultery, but i believe it has worked. just follow directions and stay calm and you will be fine. thanks everyone for their replies and i will keep posting my randoms( i seem to be tested more often then my fellow cdl drivers in my company, i believe this is due to my criminal record i have prior poss charges, i could be wrong but not sure) thanks again.
  8. libra102168

    libra102168 Registered+

    well folks today is july 8, a full two weeks after using q/fix 5.7, it obviously has worked! as with everything else FOLLOW DIRECTIONS AND STAY CALM IT WORKS!!! i have already purchased another bottle to await my next random. i kept the empty bottle and have been doing some testing with it. i filled it with water, let it sit over night and want to know how it will take to come up to the required temp(94-100). this is what i have found. if i put the bottle in my sock it will heat to 94-96 degrees and hold after 1hr 30mins. if i place in my crotch, it is slightly warmer at 98, and only takes 1hr or so. this is also taking into effect that i live in midwest as a road worker, and the temp is fairly warm at this time of year, and keep quite active at work, lifting, walking etc.. but i only work spring thru fall so its a wash cause i am laid off from dec-apr. i was just wanting to see if i get caught w/out a chance to microwave how long i needed b 4 it was at required temp. i hope this comes as helpfull, and like i said i have tried everything to pass a drug test in the past when i was a daily heavy smokr and found nothing worked till now. well off i go to celebrate and not worry about the pee police!
  9. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    way to go!!

    Congrads to you on finally defeating the pee police with a successful QF sub and welcome to the Sub Club. :smokin:

    Best wishes

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