random sober hallucinations

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by MrNiceGuy420, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Matt the Funk

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    Hey man same thing! I've taken a few anti-psychotics and I am PRETTY sure I have athakisia or w/e. I get seizures too I think... idk how to describe it...like my body just starts moving around and I cant control it at all. For a week I thought a demon was controling me because I started saying weird shit without control of it too. Anyways one of my main complaints was of abilify was how it fucked up my speech and such and started to make me extremely suicidal. Anyways with what you see I see shit like that too. Just floaters or tracers or w/e they are. I get flashbacks and have auditory,visual,tactile,etc type of hallucinations too....anyways you shouldn't have anything to worry about imo.
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    I was talking to a friend who does psychadelics all the time and he told me its possible to get HPPD from marijuana as well, not just heavy psychadelics... This is due to the fact that Marijuana is considered a psychadelic.

    When searching the term psychadelic drug in wikipedia they say:

    "Cannabinoids (CB-1 cannabinoid receptor agonists)

    The cannabinoids are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and related compounds, which are capable of activating the body's endogenous cannabanoid system. Some effects may include: general change in consciousness, mild euphoria, feelings of general well-being, relaxation or stress reduction, increased appreciation of humor, music and other art, joviality, metacognition and introspection, enhanced recollection of episodic memory, increased sensuality, loss of inhibition, increased awareness of sensation, creative or philosophical thinking, disruption of linear memory, paranoia, agitation, and anxiety, potentiation of other psychedelics, increased awareness of patterns and color."
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  3. Metaphor

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    Yeah man, its just bacteria in you eye, everyone has it.
  4. xmordeciax

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    yea the bactiera shit is a lot diff from HPPD!.. i think everyone has the floaters
  5. RyanTheCaveman

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    Well i do have some weird hallucinations....if taht. I know its liek thsi when im on DXM(sshhh)...and i notice that their are trials left behind when you mvoe fast...liek waving your hand or something...or watching people run by...
  6. birdgirl73

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    Floaters aren't made of bacteria. They're generally collagen (protein) filaments floating in the jelly-like fluid that fills the eyeball. They reflect off the retina, which is why you see them.
  7. xmordeciax

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    ohh... gotcha
  8. Gorlax

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    Yeah the only thing I can think of is like when you concentrate on looking you can see these little almost chromosone looking things moving around repeating patters? anyone know what I'm talking about. Like its not actuall visual just looks like a spec of dust in your eye. Gaah idk how to explain it but that has been happened to me as far back as I can remember.
  9. biohazard

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    There's most likley a medical explanation for it. It could also be something paranormal. However, a while ago when I encountered something paranormal it was confirmed by others and I knew it was actually real. :s Just adding this in, you never know.
  10. doublefatstrat

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    I know exactly what you mean, and its reassuring to know someone else gets it too lol! Sometimes I used to (even recently) fucking freak out about it cause I thought it might be like, cataracts or some serious shit like that. could it be? :( lol
    I also get migraines like every few months and have pretty bad eyes all 'round :mad:
  11. angry nomad

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    This same exact thing happened to me, only once, after the first time I smoked. The next day, I was walking at night, and I saw this flash or small ball of light, that moved in a "Z" about four feet in front of my face. It lasted for about a second. I hallucinated a green flash of light when I was high the day before, so I knew the white flash was a result of the weed. It startled me a little when it happened the next day.
  12. affasd

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    Once when i took some ambien but didnt go to sleep I got something similar to what you described
  13. Jake420

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    just yesterday my best friend was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a severe case of schizophrenia, now i doubt you have schizo but it is an extremely dargerouse problem, if you start to actually have noticable amounts of hillucinations you need to see a doc imediatly, because people snap within weeks of being normal, now im not trying to scare you because this is highly unlikely that you have this, even being that you are at the avarge age when people get it which is in the 20's which im estimating you are. you can read up here its where i learned alot of stuff about it, compare things. Schizophrenia.com, Indepth Schizophrenia Information and Support

    thanks, jake
  14. BOOM KSH

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    Ok its not a sober hallucination, BUT

    me and my brother just had some weed spots,
    and were outside, when the outdoors just lit up???
    and it wasnt the bud, as we both saw it???
    and two people dont have the same visons at the same time?
    its was pretty crazy! anyone else had this happen?
  15. Gorilla's Gal

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    It's probably a floater. A piece of tissue that floats in the visceral fluid in the eye. If you try to track it, it usually goes out to the side. You can get one or more of these with age and they are harmless. Your brain will eventually learn to ignore them but if you make yourself conscious of them, you will see it again. Sometimes they look like squiggly lines.
  16. brokecnut

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    That sounds like an oracle migraine/eye strain. When it happens it usually happens for 15 to 30 minutes and really has no cause
  17. onjig

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    I haven't read ~ each and every post ~ but ~ in answer to the OP ~ I have ~ I think ~ what is described ~ as posted here ~ by a member ~ these are described by my Eye Doctor as "ocular migraine" He ~ the eye doctor ~ says ~ the nerve can only ~ send signals as light ~ for me it seemed ~ like a Kaleidoscope ~ and last about 5mins ~ haven't had this happen ~ recently ```

    I think you're good ~ but if you think ~ you might have a detached retina ~ you might talk to a Doc. Good luck ```


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