Rant: Why Aren't We Fighting Drug Testing?

Discussion in 'Activism' started by WeedPleeze, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. WeedPleeze

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    Myself included but why do we just accept having our privacy violated? Instead, we spend time "beating the system" when we should be raising hell. Drug testing for non-safety sensitive positions whether pre-employment or random drug testing is insulting. It basically says your "guilty until proven innocent" and that the Government and Business can pry into your personal life and tell you what you can and can't do. That's not what this country is about.

    I also enjoy how only certain classes of people are tested. I sincerely doubt CEOs have to go through the same humiliation and stress for their paychecks. And what about politicians? Shouldn't they have to drug test? Board Members? Arguably, these folks have way more power to screw things up for a greater number of people than a Best Buy sales person.

    Lastly, drug testing discriminates severely against marijuana users. I could do other more harmful drugs and have it out of my system in much less time. For those who use marijuana for medical reasons, it makes it even more difficult.

    Until we rise up and say "enough", it will only get worse. We're already going down the path of an employer and/or Government dictating to us what we can and can't eat, etc. Big Brother is watching along with Big Business. It MUST stop now!
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  2. WeedPleeze

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    I would like to add another observation. People who have nothing to loose from an Orwellian drug testing policy usually do not understand the issue. They feel that as it doesn't affect them, then it's perfectly OK to do. One must really have to educate these people on why this is an invasion of privacy and the ramifications of such. Just because it doesn't directly affect them, perhaps one day it will.
  3. cannabis-seeds

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    I've worked corporate jobs and been completely drug free by choice - I was still insulted by random drug-test policies just because it's invasive an unnecessary.

    I had absolutely nothing to lose by pee'ing in the little cup, but complained so much that some people probably thought I was the biggest user there.

    Just saying that lots of people who have nothing to lose by a drug test still don't like it.

    I think some companies are forced into a drug-testing policy by insurance companies or if they have government contracts. They assume that any drug use means you're more likely to get injured on the job or steal to support your habit.

    On the other hand, my husband worked for a number of construction companies that were too small to have a drug testing policy in place. They, however, got you on the backend. Anytime you got hurt on the job, the drug test was the first thing workman's comp wanted.
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  4. WeedPleeze

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    Good for you...bravo! Still, being tested post-accident, especially with marijuana is not accurate. They have no way of telling if you smoked a day ago at work or two weeks ago on a weekend.
  5. cannabis-seeds

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    Well, to be completely fair - one of the people I knew who was tested post-accident smoked a joint about an hour before he walked right off the end of a walkboard on a multi-story house. Picture it as walking right off the roof like you didn't even know you were near the edge.

    Smoking, heights & power tools don't necessariy go together.

    Same with drinking.

    I couldn't tell you how many times my husband went to work, then left, because too many people were still wasted from the night before & he wasn't going to deal with them or the safety issues.
  6. WeedPleeze

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    That is not right either. We all have to be responsible. But for many in non-trade or non safety-sensitive positions, it is total nonsense in my opinion.
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  7. cannabis-seeds

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    Well, in my case, I worked for a non-union transportation company and they fought hard to keep the union out, mostly because other companies just like ours were folding within a year or two of going union.

    They had to start randomly checking the drivers because they picked up some government contracts & that was a requirement. So, to be fair to everyone and keep the drivers as happy as they could, they created a random drug testing policy that included absolutely everyone from the cleaning staff to the top level of management. When they made the announcement, they had a 60 day delay before they started testing and they gave everyone the opportunity to say they had a problem. They even offered to pay for treatment for anyone that needed it, so I guess they were being as fair as they could be even though no one liked it.

    After that, there were randoms plus all new hires were tested and anyone who was off work for over 4 weeks for any reason had to take a test when they came back to work.
    I think over a 10 to 15 year period, I was randomly tested 1 time. I know other people who were tested 4/5 times during that same period.
  8. WeedPleeze

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    "Fair"? I'm not paid to transport anything. So "fair" is making sure we violate everyone's privacy?

    I'm paid to sell services but yet our company has instituted the same rules as yours. There is a difference between being paid for a job that effects the public's safety and one that doesn't. Then, how does one differentiate between when someone partook and didn't? So if I test positive, that means I'm under the influence during work hours? That's a lot of power to have over people for lower worker compensation insurance rates.

    Now the same Orwellian concepts apply to smokers. Soon it will be food. Then activities. Then thought. It's still "guilty until proven innocent".

    ...and I doubt top management really has to comply in most situations. The only people who know which classes of employees that are subject to testing is HR and top management. Therefore, "He who owns the gold, makes the rules."

    Now I do agree with reasonable suspicion and maybe some sort of post-accident testing but the same problems still apply. Just because you test positive post-accident, doesn't mean you were under the influence at the time of the accident.

    If you show up to work under the influence, you should just be fired. I do like how they gave people a choice to ask for "help" before randoms began. The only "help" most people need is to have Big Brother mind their own business.
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  9. J47

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    We don't do it cause we can get under suspicion, so the choice is not so big.
  10. painretreat

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    I personally believe the bigger thing to rant about is drug testing for pain clinic patients. Now, if you want to address that and having the Gov't make the rules for M.D.'s guidelines for legit patients to receive legit medications for illness..you have a conversation, here.

    The Gov't needs to get the heck out of our healthcare. It is like a medical insurance company writing the standards of care that are law, taking your money for coverage and taking your civil rights from you, to use the darned insurance...oh heck, don't get me started here. I've been a mmj activist a little while and it all just sucks, big time.

    I understand work and safety. I would never have compromised my profession and possibly giving someone a deadly medication I.V; but then, that is just me. I certainly worked side by side for docs I am sure were potheads and writing orders were always correct.

    I quit pain clinic and never had a drug test; I suspect if I returned, I'd be a problem...however, I am fortunate enough to have my primary handle the pain clinic issues, since I hardly take any prescription drugs and on occasion a pain pill or 2.

    IDK if I'd want a surgeon cutting in my brain while smoking, either. however, I do know some people experience the correct strain and actually function much better with it. I am not one of them, I simply talk stupid and I no longer go into the workplace, however, I understand your concerns.

    I know of a place, not far from here...makes filters for either cars or homes..don't recall; :thumbsup:they have a policy of not failing their drug tests for being positive of MMJ testing.:Rasta: I doubt it'd be a good policy to just start calling companies and asking that as a requirement to place a job application. idk...strange world and having our rights to our bodies stripped with the law. :wtf: pr
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  11. Shovelhandle

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    The pain medicine laws and directives to doctors are terrible. One of my doctor paid out $10,000 in legal fees and in the end was forbidden to prescribe buprenorphine for some of his pain patients because he would not subject them to the insulting and degrading open piss testing and other monthly routines. He had one patient, an 80 year old woman. She was a pain patient, not a addict. He could not see doing this to her or any other of his patients he fully trusted to not subvert the medications. But they want to brand everyone with the red letter because they let the oxycontin-heroin situation get out of control. At least they are now requiring the insurance cos to cover these people regardless of addict or pain management. But a small consolation for treating them like common felons. Get the lawyers and the state out of medicine and get LEO to catch the bad guys and stop wasting time on cannabis and pain patients, the easy targets. Bastards!
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  12. WeedPleeze

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    No disrespect J47 but that's how Totalitarianism creeps in. People are either too scared or apathetic to fight which is exactly what the powers-to-be want. Fight for it or loose it, it's our choice.
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  13. WeedPleeze

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    ...and I wonder if everyone is equal in this treatment or just the "little people"? Either way, it's barbaric and insulting. We shouldn't have to deal with this crap in this country.

    When I had terrible migraines, the only thing that would help was a powerful pain med. I constantly went around and around with my doctor on prescribing it. While I understand the scrutiny he faced, what about my pain?

    I think ALL of the issues presented our important. It's gotten way to Orwellian for my liking.

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