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    When using rapid rooters for seeds should the seed be germinated before being placed into the rapid rooter or should I just pop the seed in un-germinated and keep it at high temps and moist. I planted a seed about 2 years ago, got lucky with a female and have been cloning ever since with great success. Cloning I have mastered, but seedlings are not my strong point. Latewood I know you use the Rapid rooters. I need a METHOD!! Peace
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    You can do that or use the paper towel method. Wet 2 paper towels fold in half place seeds in the fold. Put they in a plastic bag in warm place, like on top of fridge. Keep an eye on them, as soon as they pop put them in the rapid rooters. They pop quick for me. I also just put seeds in moist rockwool too but it seems to take longer.
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    I used rapid rooters once the taproot showed paper towel method. They work pretty well.
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    I've used rapid rooters for starting seeds, but with a twist... you know how the hole is pre-punched to be big enough for a clone?
    Well, I flip the thing upside down and make a small slit with a sharp knife, and stick the seed in there for better contact with the media.
    Yes, let the seeds pop first and show the tip of the taproot.
    But on the other hand, I have been fine starting seeds in just plain ol coco fibre media... hekuva lot cheaper than 10 cents per plug!!!
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    I just did this so I can pass along that I germinated them in paper towels first and once a tiny tap root starts, very gently position them into the hole in the rapid rooter. I also tore a tiny piece of rr matter off a corner and covered the hole...2 days later, all six sprouted nicely.
  6. stinkyattic

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    Very very good solution!
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    I was showed another trick the other day that might help...

    Instead of using the hole that comes with the pellets slice them down the middle lengthwise on one side and then set your clone of seed inside and close. This keeps the rooting solution where it does the most good without losing most as it gets placed into the hole. The slice will be kept closed by whatever you use to hold the pellet and usually cuts down on rooting time so it should also benefit planting seeds in them...although I'd never use pellets for starting seeds. I use the old fashioned method of the finger poke about 1/2" down then cover lightly with loose soil and keep moist and warm, never soaked.
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    Thanks everyone

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