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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by TheHerbalist, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. TheHerbalist

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    I wanted to start my seeds in Rapid Rooter plugs. I usually soak and do the paper towel thing. I just feel like trying something new.

    Anyway...the plugs came with no instructions. Im curious if I need to soak my beans 1st. Do I just drop the bean into the pre-cut hole in the plug? Or do I push the seed into the plug? And about how long do beans take to germ/sprout? Im using a tray-heatmat-dome combo.

    Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Help_Needed

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    I used them to start my current grow. I was actually kind of pissed at first since I wanted rockwool but the hydro store was out of it and I had to "settle" for the Rapid Rooters...only to find out that several other growers have raved about them lol.

    What I did was to soak the plug in distilled water for about an hour to be sure it was completely hydrated. Then I dropped a seed down the precut hole. The precut hole is big enough that the seed is still exposed to light and air so I pinched off a small piece of plug from the edge and placed it down the hole on top of the seed. The plugs were placed in the tray and covered with a dome. I didn't use any extra heat, but then again the closet they were in averages about 84.

    The first seeds sprouted two days after I "planted" them. The last ones sprouted two days later. Out of 10 seeds started, 9 germinated and the 10th one went MIA. I opened the plug after about a week and there was no seed in it. I'm thinking I somehow missed the hole on that plug and the seed ended up on the floor or something lol.
  3. TheHerbalist

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    Much appreciated, HelpNeeded.

    I ended up with them the same way you did. Looking for rockwool. I hope it goes well. It would really save the hassle of soaking and paper toweling. I got the RR's and some Coco plugs.

    I think the RR's will be better as they give me the option of planting in soil or my dwc.
  4. jamstigator

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    I just tried these recently, and bam, 4/4 germinated. So, I'm probably gonna keep using these things. Not that that's a big sample size or anything, but hey.

    Also, the lady at the garden store said to soak them in warmish water to increase germination odds. I used room temp water, worked great.
  5. Help_Needed

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    Should have added that I know a grower on another forum who had some clones he planted originally in rockwool. The cuttings survived for a few weeks in the wool, but never produced any roots. At one point he even managed to burn them with Clonex.

    Then he transferred them to the Rapid Rooters and within a few days he had roots everywhere.

    So from what I'm hearing they're good stuff. And, yeah, I love that you can use them in either soil or hydro. Makes life a lot easier for us indecisive types lol.
  6. Weedhound

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    I love them....they're pretty idiot proof which is what I needed. I just stick the seed in and water....that's it....no soaking....etc. You want the rr to stay moist, NOT soaking wet and don't let them sit in any water while germinating. ;)
  7. stinkyattic

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    They're just fine, but I like to turn them over and cut a smaller slit in what would have been the base and use that instead.
  8. TMusic

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    They have a habit of pusing up out of the plug and growing a really short taproot, this happened twice on this grow... be sure that you get them to the bottom of the hole, or take stinky's advice, you get better contact with the plug that way.

    All 7 of my seeds popped in 24hrs and had roots showing through the bottom by the end of day 3.

    Also, be sure that you get them in their medium solidly, if you're using hydroton (like me) they're not too solid and they move around alot if you're not really careful.
  9. TheHerbalist

    TheHerbalist Registered+

    I considered pushing them into the plug thru the precut hole. But wasnt sure it the sprout would be able to push its way out of the plug.

    So I dropped the beans in the hole and pinched a piece off the edge to cover it. I did add a bit of water for more moisture.

    I peeked in and saw all seeds have cracked and I can see the tap. Hopefully I wont have too many issues. All will go in soil except one.
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  10. TheHerbalist

    TheHerbalist Registered+

    Ok I see a couple sprouts coming out of the RR plugs. How long after seeds sprout should I wait before transplanting? Can I do it now or wait for roots to emerge from the plug?
  11. TMusic

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    i waited until the cotyledons came out and turned green, then I put them in the system, up until then, i had cfls on them.
  12. deadhead65

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    Stupid question but do you have to take this rapid rooter stuff off before planting it in the medium or do you just leave it be and it just somehow conforms as the plant grows?

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