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    Hey guys so I am going to try and build a rdwc setup just for 2 buckets that also has a controll bucket and a tote for a resivor with a water chiller of course, but I just have a couple of questions?

    1. When making the holes for the controll bucket and the feed lines that connects into the water chiller, is there a specific height that hole needs to be drilled at?

    2. When drilling the holes for the feed lines into the buckets where the plants will go, is there a specific height this one needs to be drilled? Along with the return line hole at the bottom of the bucket?

    3. When using a float valve in the controll bucket, to monitor the systems water levels, is there also a specific height this needs to be placed at in the controll bucket?

    4. Is 1/2 inch feed line and 3/4 inch return line good for adequate water pumping through the system with a 300 GPH submersible pump in the control bucket?

    Thanks guys!!!
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    You want your feed line higher than your return or at the same level so the water flows out the right way. If the water can flow downhill and let gravity help that would be easiest, then pump it back uphill and let it flow back. You also need enough room at the bottom for roots and an air stone. The float valve is set at a height so that when the water reaches a certain unsafe level it opens and the system refills automatically from your reservoir which should be higher like the tank on a toilet. Hope this helps a little, I find that if I draw out sketches it helps me plan my setup easier.
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    Ok sounds good, I did plan it out on paper and it did make a ton more sense then it did just in my head lol and was just wondering though does it make much of a difference where you place the height of the float valve on the control bucket? Say you only want 3 gallons through out the system when using 5 gallon homer buckets, would you just measure up to the height of where the 3 gallons is in the buckets and then place the float valve at the same height in the control bucket? Also instead of using an air stones in my control bucket I will be just doing my return line higher up then the water level so the water recirculates in the bucket....
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    Yeah that sounds like it should get you to the right level, of course you will probably need to do some tweaking once all set up though.
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    ok sounds good that's what I was just kinda stressing about, and of course I will be making sure this thing is gonna be built in the garage or some place just in case it over flows the first couple times lol but thank you a ton man you have been a life saver!!
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