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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by reynolda, May 28, 2014.

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    earlier thread got deleted :mad:, why some one would delete a thread about a sick child and not just edit the post is beyond me....

    to power point my earlier reply

    high cbd clone onlys - harlequin - ac/dc - sour tsunami

    from seed - resin seeds cannatonic, dieseltonic or cbd crews offering - however these have not been breed properly and 1 out of 4/5 plants will be high cbd low thc.

    I am skeptical that these would do well outdoors/polly tunnel here, there is a bank called CBD seeds offering cbd auto flowers which might work but again skeptical about the company.

    if you want guaranteed outdoor results grow female seeds easy sativa, purple maroc would be my recommendation, no idea if they are high cbd but they are feminized and the old reliables.

    in regards to the oil please be cautious reading about phoenix tears, rick simpson, they are lying scumbags imo- perhaps focus on other people/ groups and safer methods for making oil

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    Hey there Reynolda, I just logged on and I don't understand why or how my post has disappeared! Fionn, that's my little boy is not doing so good now and I was really hoping for a breakthrough by now with this community. I was chatting with a few people over on the THC Farmers site who were very helpful with advice and would have been able to provide me with what I am looking for if it weren't for the fact that I'm living in Ireland and they are mostly in the States or Canada. You are the first to warn me off phoenix tears! Simpson recommends making your own as do all at THC Farmers because you know there is no bad shit in there. If you have any advice or can put me in touch with someone who knows how it should be done please let me know. Anyway I am miles from making oil right now I don't even have any weed or seeds from which I could grow it. If it can't be grown outside or in a tunnel or glass house please help me as to what I need to do o grow some indoors. Look I really don't have a clue about any of this! I am just so happy that you have replied I had almost 300 views and only one reply and that was nothing concrete. I am begging you or anybody else out there to really help me get over the line. I don't know where to start and I am getting desperate. If people saw what Fionn has to endure even just once I know it would motivate everyone to get up and find a product. I don't know for sure that it will help but there is nothing left to try at this moment in time we really have done it all, but we have never given up hope fo his sake we can't.
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    Come on people! I really need your help here. There have been almost 200 views and not one lead... somebody has to know somebody who has good CBD strain. Well perhaps I should fill people in who may not have seen the original post. My son who will have his 9th birthday this Saturday has suffered with a condition call 'West syndrome' since infancy, the most serious symptom of this condition is a huge amount of seizures of various types causing a profound developmental delay. He has no speech, poor cognitive ability and very challenged gross and fine motor skills. The cocktail of drugs he takes (I am not convinced they control his seizures at all but we are made to fear that things would be much worse if they are withdrawn) have some horrible side effects. You all know that cannabis has great medicinal properties and you probably have heard of Charlotts Web oil produced by the Stanley brothers in Boulder, Colorado. This has transformed little Charlotte Figi's life from multiple daily seizures to one or less per week. this oil made from a cannabis strain that has very high CBD and no THC is similar to one produced in Israel. So please please help me help Fionn. Help me find a strain with a high CBD to THC ratio. I know that there is an answer out there......
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    I thought you could go to them, the brothers in Colorado. Several growers in northern cali that are trying to take the thc out. And for kids I can see the rational.
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    the CBD crew at Mr Nice Seeds forum. they have been developing many medical strains including high CBD. Seeds for these strains are available from Mr Nice Seedbank and many others carry Mr Nice seeds. Also there is a Mr Nice Seed Auction site where some deals can be found.

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