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    If planting a seedling in a large pot of Fox Farm soil, are there enough nutrients already in the soil since it's a large container, or are nutrients still needed? If so, in your experience, what works best with FoxFarm Soil and at what times are those nutrients needed? Thank you kindly in advance. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Not to shoot ya down but just about anything you can think of related to growing this wonderful plant can be found by using the forum thread search function. After answering or even reading countless posts of people asking the same questions over and over again it starts to make some regulars go bananas. That said....

    You would most likely want to always graduate your plants by starting them in something small like a basic annual plastic pack that you would see at any green house. Also you can grow directly in fox farm ocean soil/happy frog etc but I wouldn't just use it str8 up by itself cause Ocean forest is a strong medium that is a bit much for a seedling to take. All the nutrients that a seed needs are really in the seed already to a certain extent, so all you need is a neutral medium to start with. If you have the funds I like Light Warrior from Fox Farm mixed with more Perlite. After you move the little seedling from a small container then you can start mixing the ocean forest into your medium without worrying too much about burning the little roots.

    The reason to graduate your plants from a small container to a bigger one is almost endless but the main reason I do it is that I get a stronger root ball to ease transplant and you will go thru less soil then you would if you put it into a bigger pot then needed. You will water the bigger pot and your plant will only use the little bit of nutrients it needs and the rest will be washed out or broke down long before your seedlings roots will reach them or use them. hope that makes sense.... and as far as feeding goes I wait personally till the plant I am working on has four nodes before really even lightly feeding it anything. I really only use Fox Farm products and Promix for my soiless grows and there are tons of other brands but I started with them until I find what I think gets me the best results for how I grow. Best of luck and remember the search function on here is the best. Most people already did the work by asking and answering what you may need to know! Happy Gardening!
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    Ahh, understand...

    thank you. :)
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    I second frosted's statements, only I use Happy Frog Jump Start instead of Light Warrior but they're both Fox Farms prods. I believe the difference is the Jump Start has the micchorizae?
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    They both have the mycrohaze,,,,,either way one gets quality from trusted brands and playing with different mixes! cant go wrong if your play it safe!
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    Cool, all I know for sure is that their Ocean Forest soil has a higher concentration of worm castings, don't need that since I start fertilizing after the first week to two weeks.
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    fox farm is the shit!!!!! sorry had to through that in there
    i use the ocean forest mix and i dont use nutes for the first 15 to 18 days
    depending on how much i water

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