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    so i basicly have figured out what i want to do in life and that is grow marijuana Either growing it and becoming a master grower or get my own dispenery/company and still grow myself & i dont have the best grades basicly all B's and C's and a couple A's but just in gym and one other class (easy pass) and my parents want me to get my grades better and i dont do to well because i just think " I dont give a fuck i dont really need this i know what i wana do and i dont need this to grow weed" i mean like during school i do my work its just out of school i dont and home work isnt worth much either so i find it poitless expecially when i already know how to do it like i get it dont need to do it a million times but anyways for all you Money Making or Real Good Growers really think all the crap you learn in school really necessary? & or Will Getting good grades help me way more and is actually worth it? Thanks And be HONEST no Parent bullcrap .

    ( Also another reason i dont do home work is because i work alot to get money saved up and i already got 1,000$ saved for when i start growing and i still have a couple years til i actually start )
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    I was like you in school, I got by on mainly my test scores and never did homework. If you want my advice, you should try a little harder in school and get a good job making a decent living. Grow as a hobby and learn all you can, get quality equipment one piece at a time. When you get better at it then you can quit your job and pursue your dream. Don't want to set yourself up for failure, it's not as easy as watering a houseplant.
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    sorry about this late reply but yeah thats how i pass cuz like most classes are easy to me but its just i dont do homework so my grades go down & i was thinking about just moving to colorado or somewere and get a apartment and start working at a dispensery while i grow myself so i learn both from working with it and selling it at a dispensery and learn from experience also at home does that sound like a desent plan or crap & one more question if you know the answer or not its ok but Do weed companies and Dispenserys really look for good grades or what do they look for when hiring?
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    Another year goes by and I have yet to use algebra ONCE.
    THAT being said. Putting all your eggs in one basket can be dangerous.
    It would be wise to plan on a career OTHER than dope. Something with insurance, stability, growth opportunities etc. And that can help put you in a position to follow your dream.
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    Do what you can for now to keep your grades up waterman, and do the very best you can do in the situation you find yourself presently, or in other words, high school. Someone with a business and looking to hire help has little to go on except past performance in a job or at school, a resume and an interview. Based on that scant information, a manager needs to decide between applicants. If I have in front of me, one person with very little experience but no negatives, and then have to compare them to someone who might have some experience, but who's track record says that they can not stick with a project, don't fully apply themselves and as a result got bad grades... guess who I would pick? How you apply yourself, in everything you are asked to do in life, including school, says a lot about your character. It really doesn't matter that you feel that Algebra or World History are crap and needless information, you are being given a test to see how you react when things get hard. Guard your reputation with everything you have. Apply yourself in school, no matter where you want to go in life.
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    That bears repeating!
    Spot on, Em!
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    Man, I have A's and B's. I struggle with homework, but I always get by. I don't let weed or growing get in the way of school. Also, horticultural schools are an option, and you need good grades to get in. Don't slack off.
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    Party on!
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