Recent Pre-Employment Drug Test (Substitution w/ Synthetic)

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    Hey everyone,

    I'd been looking for a job for a little while now but didn't want to settle for a crap job like some of my previous ones. I'm a college student and all my prior jobs had been in fast food joints and I absolutely hated them. I've always been a bit of a tech-junkie. I love everything electronics, computers, video games, etc.

    So I applied at a couple places that I felt I would actually enjoy working at. One of them was Best Buy and to be honest I didn't think I was going to hear from any of them. However, I ended up getting a call from Best Buy last week and went in for two interviews. Both of the interviews went very well especially the second one with the main general manager of the store. I had originally been considered for just a standard entry-level cashier position but the General Manager after speaking with me said that it would be a waste for me to be there and essentially promoted me to sales.

    Anyways, enough of that I was just excited and happy to finally be getting a job I believe I will enjoy.

    Of course though, they required a drug test and I had no chance of getting clean within the week between my two interviews and when I had to take the test. I immediately thought that I would do substitution. I tried calling around to some of my friends to see if they happened to be clean but all of them had smoked at least a little bit so I wasn't going to risk that.

    My only option at that point was to get some synthetic urine. So I ordered the brand "Ultra Pure" by Ultra Klean after reading a review or two that had been good. However, after further research I found out that the most recommended brand was QuickFix. At that point though, there wasn't much of anything I could do.

    The lab I went to for the drug test was LabCorp this past Thursday (4/19). I was able to get the temperature within the required range of 90-100 degrees. It was probably around 96-97 degrees when I handed the sample back to the tech. The tech did not make an actual notation of what the temperature was though, she simply just wrote yes in the box next to the question. So at that point, I figured I was in the clear right?

    Unfortunately, upon getting home being a little bit anxious about getting busted using synthetics I found out that they have apparently developed more advanced screenings and have been cracking down a lot more on them. I read that the majority of the cases have been happening in Oregon, Hawaii, and Florida. I live on Ohio so that made me feel a little bit better but I'm still very concerned that I'll fail.

    The General Manager at Best Buy told me that he would likely have the information Monday (today) and he would give me a call. I have not gotten a call from Best Buy or the MRO. I know that generally speaking, when it comes to drug tests no news is usually good news but it worries me that they could be taking time to try and see if it is a synthetic or real urine.

    I also read somewhere, that usually if you've failed a drug test you will hear within 24 hours or so. When you actually pass the test it can take longer 3-5 days so that the MRO and/or Lab can look over the data and confirm it.

    What do all of you think?

    I really could use some reassurance as I am going a little bit crazy with anticipation. I just wish they would call me already no matter what the outcome is so that I can stop thinking about it.
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    What youve read were anecdotal reports without a shread of substantiation. None of these reports show any legitimate official documentation stating the reason why the synthetic didnt work for them. So until such documentation is provided, all of these anecdotes should be taken with a box of salt.

    UltraPure is basically a Quick Fix clone. As long as the batch was unexpired and kept away from direct sunlight, its fine.
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    Thank you very much!

    That makes me feel much, much better. I am 99% sure the Ultra Pure wasn't expired because it apparently has a shelf-life of 2-3 years and the expiration tag on the bottle said "3/15" which at first had me concerned that it meant it had expired on March 15th. However, after reading how long it stays good I figured that must of meant March of 2015. I mean it would be stupid for them to put just a month and day on the expiration if it lasts for 2-3 years right?

    It is now 6pm where I live so I doubt I will be hearing anything tonight but hopefully I should know by tomorrow.

    I will be sure to post my results either way.
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    Alright so I need some advice. This would be especially helpful from anyone that may have failed a pre-employment drug test in the past or even passed for that matter.

    As I explained in my first post in this thread, I used Ultra Pure synthetic urine for my pre-employment drug test. I was hired on Wednesday last week pending a drug test and background check. I went and took the drug test on Thursday last week at 3:00pm at a LabCorp location. After the interview on Wednesday the GM told me he would be in touch with me by Monday most likely, maybe Tuesday.

    It is now almost 9pm where I live and I have not heard anything from the Lab/MRO or my employer. I am starting to get a little bit annoyed more than anything. I just want to know if I passed this damn test or not.

    My question is how long did it take for you to hear back from your employer or the Lab/MRO?

    Considering that it has now been 4 full days and tomorrow will mark 5 full days since I took the drug test does that mean I more than likely have passed the drug test? I have read a couple of places that generally when you fail a drug test you hear more quickly than when you have passed a drug test. Most people hear within 24-48 hours of taking the test.

    If I don't hear anything from my employer by tomorrow morning should I call and just play stupid? Maybe ask when my start date will be? Or something like what documents will I need to bring in on my first day? I don't want to raise any suspicions.

    My feeling on this whole thing is that had I failed, I would of heard by now. If anything it is my background check that is holding things up. Although, I have nothing serious on my record. The worst thing I have is a Wreckless Op from 2 years ago and an underage drinking violation from when I was 19. Other than that my record is clean. No felonies or anything like that and I'm not applying for a driver's job so the wreckless op shouldn't matter.

    Any advice, thoughts, etc would be hugely appreciated.
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    Perhaps the GM was tied up or sidetracked with matters related to the business and simply didnt have the chance to contact you.

    If you dont hear anything by tomorrow afternoon, then by all means give them a call first thing Thursday morning and ask for your 'start date'. The employers response there would shed light on whether you are indeed good to go, or if the employer had simply moved on to the next applicant for hire.

    Never inquire about the test results. A person who is truly drug-free would never do this because, being drug-free, theres no reason to do so. Doing so would only raise suspicious eyebrows, particularly if you want to be viewed by the company as a "drug-free" person.
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    True, but as I understand it the MRO must attempt to contact the employee at least 3 times before they can even contact the employer with a failed drug test. Or am I wrong with that understanding?

    Also, as far as background checks go (which I know isn't what this forum is dedicated to) a Wreckless Op traffic violation wouldn't be something that would stop an employer from hiring someone would it? I mean if it was for a driving position maybe but I've been hired as a sales person on the floor.
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    Depends on whether its a DOT regulated test or not. In non-DOT situations, the party paying for the test gets first dibs on the results. If you are contacted by the MRO at all, then consider it a service on the MRO's part and not an obligation.

    Sorry, but this is outside the topic of drug testing and therefore, is not up for discussion in the Drug Testing forum.
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    Alright, that's fine I just thought I'd try asking about the background test.

    Is there a way for me to figure out whether or not it was a DOT regulated test or not?

    Thanks for all your help. It is much appreciated.

    EDIT: Well, just looked up what DOT meant since I really had no idea. I guess since the job is at Best Buy it isn't a DOT test I'd assume. So I guess I may have failed and that isn't why I have heard anything. That sucks.
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    Well I will be sure to post my results as soon as I get them as I plan on calling my employer tomorrow if I don't hear anything by 1pm.

    If I ended up not getting the job it'll almost for sure be because I was caught using synthetic urine. I guess this would be a warning to anybody considering using synthetic urine soon or in the future.
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    Being caught using synthetic urine has never once been shown to be anything other than user error and/or lack of QC and in many cases outright bullshit/lies by shills with agendas. I guess in light of that people can and should continue to use synthetic urine now and in the future as long as they perform QC and turn in a sample between 90-100 degrees.
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    My sample was 96 degrees when I handed it to the technician and was not expired. I followed the instructions provided on the bottle to the T as well.

    I do not know for sure that I have failed with it yet, however, I just have a bad feeling that it was detected because I was supposed to have heard something Monday and the latest Tuesday. At least that is what the GM told me.

    I don't have an agenda. I want this job EXTREMELY BADLY! I am probably overreacting and maybe I am fine but considering I haven't heard anything from the MRO, Employer, or anyone else it has me suspicious that I am screwed since I know now that the MRO has no obligation to call me with a negative test since it was a non-DOT test. By the same token, I doubt the employer has any obligation to call me outside of curtsy that I should try to look elsewhere.

    But if you think that I am some person trying to bash synthetics that is plain wrong. I am calling the store tomorrow if I don't hear anything in the morning and I pray that I can come back here with good news to post another successful synthetic sub story.
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    Web was just pointing out what has transpired in these forums in the past and in no way was accusatory towards you. So theres no need for you to take on a defensive posture.

    One way to tell is if there was a DOT Chain of Custody form.
    Another way is a split-sample collection. Split-sample collections are mandatory on DOT specimen collections. The DOT regulations mandate that the sample is to be split in your view. More info can be found by doing an Advanced Search, using the terms split sample.
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    Well I was a bit confused by that when I went to the lab. On the form that Best Buy gave me it said that they would be performing a split sample test. However, while I was at the lab they did not do that. Also on the copy of the form they gave me it said "Was this a split sample test" and the only answer there was "No" not "Yes or No" and No was not circled. I was a bit confused by that to be honest.

    Also, I had planned on calling today to inquire about my start date but I was running around all day and I figured I'd give it one more day. However, I couldn't stand waiting and broke down and called the store just recently at about 7:30pm my time. The GM I had spoken to had left for the day so the person I was speaking with said she would e-mail him with my name and have him call me. I simply said that I had been hired on Wednesday pending the tests and that I was wondering when my start date was and what documents I needed to bring in. I told her he could call me anytime after 9am. So I am hoping that I will hear back from him tomorrow morning. If I don't hear something by around 11am I am going to call the store back and I guess I will get my answer one way or another because I would think that they would at least have the drug test results.

    I guess it could be possible that my background check is holding things up as I've heard those can take up to a week to process.
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    I just got a call and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Score one for Ultra Pure synthetic urine!!!!!

    For those curious about if this brand works it does!!!!!

    Thank you all for the information!!!!!
  15. Burnt Toast

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    Congrads to you on a successful sub and welcome to the Sub Club.

    Best of luck with the new job. :smokin:
  16. webdox

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    WTG on your pass and for now knowing you for yourself not to buy into the FUD that Drug Test Dave over at forums peddles. He sells only detox potions and is one of the worst offenders of misinformation and outright lies especially when it comes to synthetic.
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    i need some help myself i have spent a week trying to research everything i can to decide my course of action i am6'3 265 lbs and a little overweight. i have a pre employment test for an oilfeild job. i am pretty sure it is a dot test. first question is it possible to detect synthetics through this test or is it best to strip and test days prior. i was gonna buy the same product this threads about but i am freakijg out. any help would be cool.
  18. Burnt Toast

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    Under DOT regulations, a "non-human" sample (aka "substituted specimen") is determined by checking the creatinine and specific gravity. Below is the criteria applied under § 40.93 of the DOT regulations (which is still current as of this writing)..

    As long as the synthetic batch is unexpired and had been kept away from direct sunlight, it will pass the validity checks permitted under § 40.91 of the DOT regulations.

    For peace of mind, you can always test your synthetic batch with a validity test strip to make sure the creatinine, S/G, pH, etc are all within acceptable ranges. These test strips can be found online cheap by doing a Google search for "drug adulteration test kits".
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    I know that I can be pulled for random tests any time at my job (a job that i love) so I had bought about 3 bottles of Ultra Pure Synthetic and carried them in my bag every day for several months. never exposed to direct light (other than moving in and out of my bag quickly in rooms with artificial lights). i'd heated and cooled several times. once i ordered adulterant test strips online and tested a sample from one of the bottles, and it passed everything.

    Anyway, I used Ultra Pure Synthetic for a lab test in Louisiana in August 2012. I had an hour to drive myself over to the lab. As soon as I found out, I opened and shook up one of the heating pads. I took some hot water from the instant tap on our office coffee pot and carried a large styrofoam cup of it out to the car with me. i spent a few minutes dipping 2 of the bottles into the water then pulling them out and shaking them up to evenly distribute the temperature. i made sure to not actually dip the heating strips into the hot water so that they wouldnt get messed up in any way.

    I wanted to start at a high temp bc i figured time would allow it to cool, but it could be difficult or impossible to heat up at the last minute. also, i figured transferring it to a cold container and blank temp strip would probably drop my reading a few degrees. so once i got the bottles up to a uniform temp at or just above about 100 degrees, i rubberbanded the heat pack around one of them, then stuck one 2-oz. bottle in each bra cup. made sure they were secure enough to where there was no chance of them falling out and no noticeable lumps or anything visibly weird.

    i went into the building, nervous as hell. i made sure i seemed calm and casual. i showed my drivers license, filled out a short form, and went directly into a completely private bathroom with a locking door. they told me not to turn on the water or flush the toilet at all until i'd handed over my sample. they showed me where the cup had to be filled up to, and it was pretty low, about 2 oz. I had the privacy to take my time and spread out so i too both bottles out of my shirt/bra and set them on the ground and set down the sample cup i had to fill. i calmly poured one whole bottle in and a little out of the other one. i made sure the temp strip was solidly in the 90 to 100 range, a little high to allow for cooling. i screwed the caps back on my bottles and put the empty bottle in one bra cup and the semi-full bottle with rubberband and heat pad back into the other bra. i checked around and made sure i wasnt leaving anything behind. i peed in the toilet and wiped with toilet paper and threw that in the toilet. then i went out handed over the sample and left. i never heard anything back and it's been 3 months so i'm sure now that it went fine. i was pretty nervous for the first week or so but honestly as soon as i was done it was a pretty big relief already.

    i spent hours and hours reading things like this and found way more questions than answers - so i just wanted to share my results and give some other people peace of mind. if you know you will get a private room (i casually asked around at work about how the place was - and i think it's reasonable to refuse to be watched peeing anyway), then id definitely recommend doing this. and if you know what lab u will be going to, you can go on their website and read what type of adulterant tests they do. most people just test for additives (like bleach, etc.), SG, creatine, pH, and temperature - all of which are taken care of by ultra pure. if you handle the switch and temperature correctly, then you should be fine. the only things i've heard of failing for are not having uric acid and that is not typically included in adulterant tests. also i switched to ultra pure because i have heard that it is one of the only brands that actually does include uric acid, but it is not heavily advertised as such so i'm not positive about that.
  20. BigTacross

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    If I have an NIDA/DOT test will I need to keep the temp 94-100 degrees F?

    Im unsure how to go about doing this. I could heat it up in the microwave and keep it in handwarmers I guess, right? But if they make me empty out all my pockets if I just keep it in my crotch is that good enough?

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