Recipe for CO2 from yeast and sugar

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by maspino1, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. maspino1

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    Last time I made some it was a big mess, can someone give me their recipe?
  2. maspino1

    maspino1 Registered+

    actually, you can lock this thread now. i just made up a recipe using only 1 cup of water. it fucking stinks, i can't even sit in my room anymore.

    this is the recipe:
    1cup of tepid water
    1tbsp dextrose (or sugar)
    1/2tsp active yeast

    just mix the water and sugar until dissolved and then stir the yeast in and shazam, you got free co2
  3. maspino1

    maspino1 Registered+

    wait, if my box isn't supposed to smell alcoholic then please let me know, i think i
    might have put way too much in there
  4. hybridlove420

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    its a touch and go thing. just mix yeast and sugar in some warm water. the higher the yeast to sugar ratio, the faster co2 is made
  5. Mr. Clandestine

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    You should be using a LOT more water, bro! I've never made C02 with this method, but I've read that people generally use anywhere from 2-4 gallons of water for each 1-2 tablespoons of yeast, and 5lbs of sugar. This particular method also recommended putting the yeast on a piece of toast, which could get consumed and sink to the bottom and speed up the whole fizzing process. Or something along those lines. I can't remember exactly. But I'd imagine that the smell would be much more tolerable using larger amounts of the main ingredients.
  6. maspino1

    maspino1 Registered+

    now i know it's working
    this was my "experiment" 2 days ago
  7. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    lol! i did that with mine too to check!

    make sure t wont eventually burst, or else you can get a foam eruption and a really weird yeasty smell all at once
  8. maspino1

    maspino1 Registered+

    that already happened with my vinegar and baking soda, unfortunately it doesn't beat
    the smell of strong yeast bread
  9. 50ul }{4ck3r

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