Recognizing sex of a seed

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by irydyum, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    Recently came across this chart claiming it can identify the characteristics of a female seed before you ever germinate. I had never heard of this prior, so I wanted to see what you all think about it.

    seed sexid-1.jpg
  2. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Never heard of it, but WTF, worth playing with in the future.

    I also saw somewhere that the great big fat seeds grow more sativa like and the little ones more indica like. I am out to lunch on that one still, as I have one that looks all indica and all the seeds for it are huge fat suckers.

    REGARDLESS it is a cool question, looking forward to seeing the responses.
  3. waterdog

    waterdog Registered+

    Can't wait to try to find female seeds...Sounds interesting to me....
  4. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    This reminds me of an old Columbo episode. Columbo had no evidence that the suspect was guilty, but he convinced the suspect that the fingernail clippings Columbo was collecting from him would match the scratch marks left on the victim.
    The suspect fell for the junk science and confessed to the murder, just to find-out that if he was to have clipped or chewed his fingernails, the scratch patterns wouldn't have matched. (just because it sounds feasable, doesn't make it so)

    I think it's likely the same thing here. Different growth habits, compacted buds versus loosely pack buds, (chewing his nails) nutrient variations, soil versus hydro, wind, humidity, length of seed maturation, post harvest handling...all play a part in seed appearance. I could see there possibly being differences in appearance between a Mekong Delta indica and a South American sativa seed, but with all the crosses, back crosses, and general mishandling of genetics, I sincerely doubt there is a pattern. And if I'm not mistaken, seed expression is along the same variety as plant expression. Some seeds cary-on some of the mother's traits, some cary-on the fathers traits, some with various combinations of both.

    Would be way cool if it is valid, but I wouldn't hold my breath. :jointsmile:

    Any chance you could post the link? Would love to read a bit more about this "observation", and how they worked-out that the concerns I listed were invalid. If they didn't even bother to investigate this, I think the source is...untrustworthy. (or at the very least, they're blowin' smoke up our collective asses)
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  5. ForgetClassC

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    Yeah it sounds cool, but with a guarantee of 100% it sounds like an 'As Seen On TV' kinda things.

    Would be a load of help though.

  6. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    But then people would only buy the femmed ones so then all genetics would all be lost, or all the same, if this was a absolute tell wouldn't it?

  7. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    I imagine as the rest of you that this isn't a tell all, i'm sure if some way existed it wouldn't be a secret to all of us. Someone here would know of it. I just put this up because I wanted to hear what everyone thought of it.

    If it can help in ANY way for people to recognize a female from a male seed in their bag of random beans, I think it's worth exploring.

    I'm not trying to say anything about the validity of it, but next time I pop regular seeds, I'm going to photograph and label them to see if there MIGHT be any credibility to it.
  8. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Hell irydyum i was just looking at me seeds to see if they looked close to the fem subject, and thats no shit. Iv seen this someplace, but cant think of where i saw it. Iv always thought the smaller round one were fem, but then again iv read the big watermelon looking ones were what you want. But i think its a thought provoking question as iv copied the chart and when i plant il be sure to see what happens:thumbsup:

  9. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Good luck, but it's not like the female wears lipstick.
    Perhaps if there were a similar appearance-based seed sexing technique for other seeds, (flowers, veggies, fruits...) I'd think it's possible for cannabis too. But from what I've read and seen, I'm sorry, but I feel you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Google something like "determine seed sex by appearance". See if it's possible with ANY plants seeds, and go from there. :thumbsup:
  10. rysngsun

    rysngsun Registered+

    I found this site by looking in to this. I copied the chart so I can start some seeds and see if I can see any correlation. It does seem like if this was 100 percent, then why even make feminized seeds. However lots of things are done for people who really don't understand. Many people have trouble identifying gender even after a plant begins to flower while for someone who grows a lot it seems to get almost intuitive. For me plants almost look male and female even before budding. Anyway, my 2 cents. I'm glad I found this site.:)
  11. rysngsun

    rysngsun Registered+

    No. People grow seeds on purpose and there are actually seed banks just for cannabis. It is actually the only medicinal plant that has had it's complete genome mapped. I doubt it's an absolute tell but I don't believe the genetics would be effected even if it was. With modern feminizing techniques you get almost 100 percent female seeds, some reputable ones claim 100 percent with colloidal silver but it isn't hurting the genetic lines.
  12. raymont

    raymont Registered+

    I hooked up a female friend of my brothers with 6 seeds. They were 6 feet tall when she realized she had one male.........Blind or dumb...your call.
  13. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    My outdoor plants went to 6' plus before they sexed.... I'm gong blind but not dumb.
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  14. raymont

    raymont Registered+

    Duly noted. Wow 6 feet before flowers. HUGE.
  15. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    no that's about right outdoors around here. If I start outdoors i early June by the time the daylight hours diminish enough to begin to flower it's well into August, about ten weeks of growth. Outdoors this should be six foot easily. I tie my plants horizontal so they can't be seen so they stop growing in height at that point.
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  16. slogrow81

    slogrow81 Registered+

    it Works for me 99.9%
  17. growdemon

    growdemon Registered+

    hehehe sex of a seed.. hum... whom ever thought of this was definitely stoned out of their mind.

    call mythbusters
  18. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    I usually hold them under a light and use a magnifying glass to look for a penis.
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  19. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    Pretty easy with the African sativas.

    (was that racist?)
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  20. bhoboy

    bhoboy Registered+

    hahaha look for penis african sativas haha thats funny
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