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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by irydyum, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. EvilCartman

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    Tried sorting through the seeds, certainly not an exact science. :p
    Here's where we sit;
    Group 1: _The Irregulars_ (less likely to be female)

    Group 2: _The Usual Suspects_(more likely to be female)

    I did end up swapping beans @ spots #1 & #3 in Group 1 for beans #5 & #11 in group 2.
    After viewing the pics, it looked like the thing to do.
    These will lose their individual identities when they go in to soak. They will be treated as two groups.
    Group 1 into blue Solos, Group 2 into red, and we'll see what becomes of them.
    24 beans total to start. Any non-starters will be replaced, I'd like to see 20 plants, at least.

    Any critiques on the bean segregation, speak now, or forever hold your peace. ;)

    And Thaibreeze gets a lil' peek at a couple "Seedsman" fem beans. :)
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  2. Shovelhandle

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    Sign in, click on a reply...sign in again.
    Good luck with the trail. I'm curious to see wtf.
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  3. EvilCartman

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    Well, just finished sexing the last 12 plants and I'm pretty disappointed with the outcome.
    No matter how ya look at it, it's quite a statistical anomaly. o_O

    Of the 24 seeds started, only one didn't make it to flower.
    It was in Group 1. Super runty, leaf abnormalities, just a shitty plant...terminated.
    Was able to sex half of them at 5 weeks, these last 12 had to spend 10 days in the flower tent, to show definitively.

    Final tally:
    Group 1 (less likely to be female) : 11 plants; 9 males and 2 females. :dancing:
    Group 2 (more likely to be female) : 12 plants; 12 males. :S2:

    Results seem promising if ya only look at the group 1 result. :D

    Since I got such a low sampling of females, I'll be poppin' another couple dozen.
    Begin round 2.:jointsmiley:
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  4. Shovelhandle

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    Had that happen... A pack of NH from Mr Nice, nine males out of nine sprouts. MNS replaced them.
  5. JAW

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    Well according to the pic all the seeds in group 2 were ID'd as males to me no volcanoes :)
  6. JAW

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    I have used the volcanoes technic every time and had success getting females and hermies but never males just sayin it works for me...
  7. JAW

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    I have seem females Hermie but never a male turn female.
  8. JAW

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    It works, I know it does, I live in a state where it isn't legal to grow so no, I will not be posting any proof, just have to take my word for it.
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  9. TomSawyer2112

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    Over a year later and I’m here waiting for some tech savvy joker to photoshop a volcano butt seed with a dingdong hanging off of it.:S2:
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