Recycling Soil?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Chronic Chrissy, Jan 13, 2007.

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    So I'm filling up my 7 new 3 gl pots to transplant tommorrow and notice how fast my bail of sunshine mix 4 is dissappering. After I harvest can I recycle the soil? What's the proper way so it's prepared for next time? And what stages of growth is it safest to use? Any information or method would be great help. Thanks.
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    I do. It depends if you used organic or chemical feeds. If you went organic, reusing soil is fine. You will have to supplement it, tho.

    Chemical foods can cause salt buildups on sticks, pieces of loam, perlite, etc. when they dry out. These salt buildups can & will cause nute burn if your roots hit them.

    As far as supplementing the soil goes, I dunno how others do it. I use worms. I have a worm bucket that I use to take care of my organic kitchen scraps. Sorta like a mini compost heap. In the middle of the bucket is always a warm wet heap of organic slop that usually has a few dozen worms in it.

    I use the drippings from the worm bucket to water, as well. So I'm always adding organic material to my soil.

    When I'm done with the soil from a grow, it goes into a big rubbermaid tote tub, worms and all. There's usually 10 gallons or so of compacted dirt. I break up the big chunks, stir it around with a big wooden spoon, and throw in a handfull of the glop from the worm bucket. I stir it around a couple times a day, breaking up the chunks of dirt and glop, and letting the soil air & dry.

    As my grows have expanded I've added more, but I'm still using the same soil that I started with way back when.

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  3. Chronic Chrissy

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    I'm using chemicle nutes, but I would like to work up to using worms(not enough time while working out the kinks, my husband says I'm always missing in action downstairs, but that just because you can't get much done during the day with a 5 month old, anyways...
    What if I flushed the soil really good afterwards. It's not that I don't have the 20$ for a bail it's just that if I could use it on established plants to transplant into the 3 gl pots it would make me feel better wasting less. I would throw it in the yard but that's a tell tale sign.
  4. Volker

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    I suppose that would work. In theory. Dunno. I use a chemical food (no-name 15-30-15 plant food) once per grow (week 3 of bud), but I believe soil that has been regularly nuted with chems can be flushed & reused.
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    I strongly suggest a product called Cannazym,
    You can use it during the grow and before you reuse soil, it breaks down any old root matter into usable carbs for the blant. This is a process that is useful throughout the grow. Also, if you use a good flushing solution at the end of the grow such as Clearex which is organic, or Fluorashield, bad spelling by GH then you will eliminate most of the salt/nute build up and have a nice clean smoke along with a chim free soil for the next round.
    Fast-growing plants continually develops new root cells on a continuous basis. During this process plants also reject root elements to remain in, deteriorate
    and pollute the growing medium. Dead root cells attract pathogenic organisms, creating harmful moulds in the root environment that may damage healthy roots
    . This can be a serious threat to plant growth.
    CANNAZYM is a top-quality enzyme product. It consists of more than 12 different enzymes and is enriched with vitamins and desert plant extracts. CANNAZYM
    not only accelerates the breakdown of dead root materials, (hemi) cellulose, but also transforms these into minerals and glucose that provide a source
    of nutrition for the plants.
    Fast breakdown of root remains provided by CANNAZYM, reduces rotting considerably and supports a proper air and soil hydrology in the root environment.
    A healthy root environment is crucial to a more efficient nutrient uptake and a high resistance to pathogenic organisms.

    - Increases medium resistance
    - Easy to use
    - More than 12 qualityenzymes
    - Breaks down old/dead root material
    - Instant absorption
    - No harmful residues
    - Environmentally friendly
    - Suitable for all medium types
    - Supports medium/substrate recycling


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