Red/Purple in your plants stems.. Mixed opinions.

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Minnesnowta, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I have researched the idea of having red/purple in the stems of cannabis plants and have found many many different answers for what the cause/reason for that is. Answers ranging from plant genetics, to nutrient deficiencies, to someone saying that red stems means your plant is a female, where a male would be all green! Now I understand that different genetics produce many different things in the way of colors and general look of your plants so I would like to try to figure out more specific aspects of the red stem debate.

    For example.. is there a difference between the looks of a red stem on a plant that naturally has this color VS. a plant that has red stems due to a deficiency?

    Majority of my plants have some sort of red/purple color to their stem, some more than others, and I could post some detailed pictures of them if you'd like but I do not believe I have any sort of deficiency issue that would cause it. Perhaps I am wrong though, and if I am... Does anyone have a suggestion for a specific treatment for red stems that I could experiment with and report back?

    Anyways let me know what you all think, any ideas are welcome. I have played with this subject quite a bit and I am kind of lost as far as finding an answer goes. (strangely enough... the one plant I have found to be totally green in the stems is a male)
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    I always thought the most common cause of red stems was excess phosphorous. I have had red stems in the past and it was caused by overfeeding in relation to the amount of light the plants were under.

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    could be. could strain dependent, could be ph is off and not letting in P in which case would create a build up if you fed more P, could be soil buffering losing consistency, could salt build up locking out nutes, could be anything without any info, though all it will ever be is a...could be until there is more info:thumbsup:
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    Hmm what sort of specific relationship are you talking about when you say "overfeeding in relation to the amount of light the plants are under"?
  5. PhatJay

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    I was growing under CFL's. The plants didnt have enough light to turn all the nutes into buds.

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