red/purple veins

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sjacobs713, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. sjacobs713

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    i have read, so please do not tell me to go and read..

    i just want to know what some of the other growers thought red veins was caused from, and how to cure? b/c i've got them!!
  2. Garden Knowm

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    hi jacob... do you mean red purple stems?

    have you been monitoring you PH of your water?

    is new growth slow an stunted?

    what medium are you growing in?

    is there plenty of nitrogen available for your plants?

    are you vegging or flowering?

    how old are your plants?

    I would guess you are having a ph issue along with nitrogen deficiency. is this problem is not remedied soon, you branches will become red, hard and woody and will be very dificult to reverse..


  3. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    plants stats...

    alright here is the history on my plant...

    they are 5 1/2 weeks old..
    when they were vegging at a real young stage , i messed up and gave them too much fish emulsion which burnt them up badly and messed some things up, and my temps were in the very high 90's.. so they were seriously stressed .........

    last week i made it up to the grow shop , i got some great advice..
    i solved my temperature problem, it stays at 80 and gets lower to about 77-78...
    i got them some foxfarms nutes which the guy told me had all the nutes they would need... giving them the veg nutes right now..
    i also got one of those small water testing ph kits.. where you put the drops and changes color, in the minature test tube...
    so my ph of my water was a little high, and i got it down.. also gave them 35% peroxide, to cure things, and remove knats..( dont really have any knats though.. )
    they are in soil, and getting watered as needed...
    they are still spreading the yellow/burning but at a very slow rate..
    the top growth and all new small growth is coming in lovely.. just these past couple of days, i have started to LST to get more light to the center of the stem's , and that is going great.. middle of plants are filling in nice...
    just the bottom of the plant and stems changing color...
    i've got this ph meter that test the soil, actually 3 of them, but neither of them are really accurate... i can put it in one part of the dirt and it'll read X, and then put it in another part and it'll read Y.. nothing mathces up, so i dont really trust it..

    it's happenin to a couple of my plants, but the pics are just of one plant...

    thanks, PEACE!

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  4. s12fever

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    just out of curiosity, what is that yellow stuff sprinkled on top of your soil?
  5. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    that's the perlite after being watered and watered.. i guess the dirt turns it that color..
  6. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    yes i had red viens on the leaves of my plant as just went away..didnt know what caused them..

    HARDDON Registered+

    Its the main stem of the plant you want to watch. It should turn white at the base and then work its way up.

    While you haave some leave damage, new growth looks healthy and nice. You dont have any real problems.

    Easy on the nutes though. They dont need as much as people think.
  8. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    Well purplish stems on the fan leaves are normal.
    It means that leaf cdan not take anymore nutes.
    It is full and not taking anymore food up.
    If your stem is purple and it isn't because it's purple strain.
    Then you got a nute deficency or a ph problem like KNowm said.
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  9. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    any idea's?
    should i flush? should i quit feeding nutes? should i just leave it be, and see where it goes? ( that's what i've been doing and it's been getting SLOWLY worse )
    what should i do? i just want some good refer..

  10. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    Hi JACOBS...

    I agree... easy on the nuts.... and if your PH was a bit HIGH.. then you should start watering with it being a bit LOW.. maybe at 6.0 for a couple waterings.. then stabilize at 6.8...

    : )
  11. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+


    only nutes that i have been giving them are the FoxFarms " GrowBig ", and i was giving them 1/2 tspn for 2 qts of water...
    each plant got their own 2 qts, and they've each been watered twice since last saturday w/ the stuff...
    i just flushed that plant, but the damn water wouldnt come running out the pot.. i drilled and cut at least 20 extra holes in the pot to allow the water to run out alot, and i had to let it sit over a sink and drain out slowly...

    ***i have 7 plants that look like they will make it to flowering, and out of the 7, 5 of them have this purple stems and branches, and yellowin up from the bottom up..... and like 2 of those 5, the new growth is very lightly spotting w/ yellow....
    temps in the room are no higher than 82 and no lower than 77 throughout the day...
    i bought one of those ph test kits for your water, and the guy at the grow shop told me that " my type of plants " like the ph results at a " piss yellow " color.. that's a ph of about 6.0...
    i didnt make it super yellow, but just dropped it from a green, to a yellowish..

    the ph meters i got to test the soil itself are CRAP! u can see both of them in the pics..

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  12. Garden Knowm

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    HEY JACOB...

    that water ph tester is perfect... every grower has a few of those laying around his house.. that should become your best friend...

    You plants do look very good..obviously there is a problem but your growth and leaf size are GREAT...

    I would stop giving them nutrients for a couple waterings...

    Can you transplant them?
    How big are those pots?
    Can you transplant them into the next biggest size container?
    Is the new growth still GOOD.. and better than previous growth? Each new set of FAN leaves should be more impressive than the previous set... this is a sign of a healthy plant...

  13. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    progress made so far...

    so my new growth is always better and bigger, and alot of it, but like i said the yellowing is SLOWLY spreading to some of the new growth..
    what i have been noticing is that the branches that are solid purple are the ones that are yellowing and dying, the branches are still greenish/white are the healthy leaf's...
    now my concern is that i have some branches that are going purple and i dont want for that growth to mess up on me..
    that is why i want to try and find a solution for the purpling stem/branches...
    today was my day to water the plants so i gave them all just plain water.. phed at about a 7...

    i can always transplant, but the one plant that i have posted on here is a plant that was doing real bad in it's early stages so i had already transplanted from a 3 gallon to a 5 gallon, so it would be diffucult to tranplant that...
    by the way that's the plant i attempted to flush today..

    GK - just want to say thanks for you interest and advice..

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  14. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    oh , the pics are exactly a week apart... left pic was taken last sunday, and right pic i just took...
  15. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    was reading around in the grow FAQ's about different types of nutrients issues, and it reccomends that for some type of issues ( where their example pics look kinda like my plants ) you foliar feed?
    any ideas or thoughts on doing this? pro's / con's ?
  16. gsxxer

    gsxxer Registered

    try supernatural brand green stay... you mix a teaspoon in a water bottle and spray just the leaves...

    i was having this problem and it helped it out...the next day everything was more lush and green, they should give you a sample at your hydro store
  17. s12fever

    s12fever Registered+

    damn sj loving your plants, look so plump
    yea i'm starting to notice reddish purplish veins on my plants, and they're tiny - only like 2" tall and are sorta bushy...hummm
  18. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    You need to foliar feed.
    Either you have nutrient lock out.
    Or you are under feeding.
    Thats whats going on here.
    Use your ph meter.
    Make your water around 6.5 and use some organic veg nutes.
    To spray your leaves everyday for a few days.
    You will see the yellow turn green in a matter of days.
    Believe me I know this from experience.
    Don't foliar feed once you begin flowering.
  19. sjacobs713

    sjacobs713 Registered+

    i'm going to go and get bottle tomorrow..
    we'll see what happens?
  20. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    your growth is tremendous.. just the way it should be.. in one week you grew some beauties...

    I feel you on the transplant issue... 3 gallon is big for a small garden...

    All the red stem issues I have ever encounteres were either a PH problem or a nitrogen issue...

    I will be curious how the foilar feeding goes for you... I am not a fan of foilar feeding but I am a JDOG fan...

    : )

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