red/purple veins

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sjacobs713, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. sjacobs713

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    when doing the foliar feed, i keep reading about this "spray-n-grow" ( dont really understand what it is? ) , but what i want to know is, if it is ok to just dilute my FoxFarms Grow Big, and spray them down, or if that will not work? i have also some fish emulsion, but that is what got my plants started on the yellow leaf's ( i used it wrong )....
  2. Jdog7000

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    I've used Grow works fine.
    Just spray them right before the lights go out.

    I wouldn't be suggesting this.
    If i didn't just have huge healing success with foliar feeding.
    You know I used to feel the same as you.
    Remember my last grow you saw.
    Those plants never got touched with water on there leaves.
    Not once. lol

    But I noticed if a plant was yellowing from being root bound or under fed.
    It will greem up in a maytter of hours with foliar feeding.
    Give it a shot next time you see some yellowing.
  3. Garden Knowm

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    I HEAR you JDOG... and I am not disputing your methods...
    : )
  4. stinkyattic

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    Red veins- P deficiency or lockout
    Red petioles- Sulfur deficiency or lockout.
  5. sjacobs713

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    awesome.. thanks man, thanks everyone!!
    will post results when i see what happens..

    thanks again!
  6. calibud

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    Go deep water culture , invest in some good air stones , nothing crazy and advanced nutes ph perfect, best change I ever made , super simple.,, every part of it imo... smoke is superior tho!!!
  7. BigPharma

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    If you want to foliar feed, I highly suggest it! Try a solution that consists of H202(11:1).
    For some that say not to foliar feed when your lights are on... does it not rain if the sun is out?
    I had the same problem and have been vegging my moms for quite some time. Thought it was nute lock, calmag, calcium or magnesium on their own or manganese and even possibly just nitrogen. I bought 35% food grade H202, made an 11:1 solution as a foliar feed and my babies came back like magic! Also, start and stick with your nute solutions from beginning to end when possible. If you're keeping moms, flush with ph'd RO water at 5.8 every ten days if possible to create different air pockets in your medium and flush out collected, unneeded salts. Honestly, just adjust where needed, patience and a good eye will give you a better yield than anything else. Know PH and PPM, keep them steady, the plant is known for taking care of the rest.
  8. Doodski Brah.

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    I'm experiencing some odd color's in my gals. I'm in coco w perlite as well. I'm foliar feeding as of a few days now and thinking I'm seeing a positive difference. All I'm adding is something like a 1/2 a ml of cal-mag to a spray bottle of RO. I'm leaning towards ANs currently as it's got higher nitrogen. I have Botanicare's & GHs. I feel they're all useful in theory & practice for different parts of life.
  9. gardenermendo

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    You're overthinking the red stem problem. I see relatively healthy plants in your pictures. Some strains can be normal to have reddish or purplish stems.

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