Red Seedling Stems

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Completely Stoned, May 8, 2007.

  1. Completely Stoned

    Completely Stoned Registered+

    Why are my little babies getting such a red stem? They're all being grow hydroponically with a drip system that waters 30 mins twice a day. The water is mexed with the correct amount of General Hydroponics purple, green, and red. FloraGro-Micro-Bloom Nutrients. Help!
  2. Exodus_herbman

    Exodus_herbman Registered+

    I'm not a hydro grower, but the seedling stage demands a high amount of phosporous. My current plant started with a very purple reddish stem, I was stressin at first, but it went away with time.
  3. dusto2k3

    dusto2k3 Registered+

    the red should go away as the plant grows a bit. I have the same issues with baby clones, but it clears itself up once it gets good and rooted

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