Red Weed?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by DusanTafari, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. DusanTafari

    DusanTafari Registered+

    I have two plants,(my first time growing) ones named yoda the other marley. Im probnallly going to have to have a late harvest in october. And I live in Canada. I was wondering if my bud or plant is gunna turn red. just like all the other trees. cause that'd be fucking sweet.
  2. Earthy Dank

    Earthy Dank Registered+

    Unless you have some crazy strain then no it'll be green. The leaf stems may turn red due to sudden temperature change but thats about it.
  3. diche

    diche Registered+

    yam that would be sick, but trees lose thier leaves. but weed just dries up
  4. thcbuz

    thcbuz Registered+

    what strains are you growing dusantafari ? indica's or indica crosses I'd guess.and yes,indica's or indica dominant strains will turn colors during late flowering, when night temps drop in the fall you'll get everything from light pinks to dark ass purples.most indica's anyway's.also some strains seem to turn red as heck due to the high concentration of calyx hairs.kcbrains mindbender turns a bright red after drying and curing thats beautiful to gaze upon.but in actuality color is not representative of strength.good luck with growin' a rainbow man
  5. Earthy Dank

    Earthy Dank Registered+

    That is quite funny and im not sure why... I must be crazy
  6. diche

    diche Registered+

    thats sicjk i hope mine is an indica

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