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    I have 6 Master Kush seedlings nearing the third week of growth. They are in an E&F system under four 150W CFLs. They are under 24 hr light and are being watered every 6 hours with 1/5 strength nutes. My pH is kept between 5.7 and 6.1 at all times, checked 3 times daily.

    I have noticed that the new growth has sort of a reddish hue when it starts and then turns gree as the leaves get bigger. I also notice it on the underside of some of the larger leaves. Is this normal? Anyone know what might be causing it? Any helpful input is appreciated! Thanks!
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    Deja.....what are your ppms? Might be time to raise your nutes alittle. How tall are they? I like the MK....growing a few myself at present. Good choice. :thumbsup:
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    Not sure on the ppm, I couldn't afford the $120 ph/ppm meter and opted for the $60 ph only meter instead. I changed the res last Thursday (4 days ago) and added 1/5 then (45 ml in 15 gallons). Do I have to change the whole res again or can I just add nutes to it? As I ask that, I am almost sure the answer will have to do with the ppm. Of course.... :)

    Oh, and they are probably around 4 inches tall and have been growing a new set of leaves every 4 days or so.
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    You'll need a meter at some point.....I'd add SMALL amounts of nutes don't have to change the whole res.....sounds like they need more dinner but watch them closely since you can't measure ppms. (by small amounts....I mean go to 1/3 strength nutes from 1/5 strength and watch them closely....if that's good for 4-5 days, then go to 1/2 strength...) check ph often....(as you have been doing :)) a sudden jump in ph can signal the first signs of nute burn. ;)
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    OK, I added 20 ml more nutes, bringing the total to 65 ml. 75 ml would be 1/3, and there is one plant that has what looks like nute burn (small reddish orange rusty looking spots on the outside edge) on the very first set of leaves, so I thought I would go a little less than 1/3. I read somewhere that the first leaves fall off once the growth starts to really take off so I am not too worried about it unless I should be. What will it start looking like if they are getting burned? And if they start looking bad I just change back to regular water right? I am really nervous about it; I don't want to lose my plants!
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    That doesn't really sound like nute burn....sounds more like a deficiency to me. Nute burn shows as turned down tips and edges of the leaf then the tips and edges will turn yellow and crispy. I have a feeling you are pretty far away from nuteburn. ;)

    Here's an excellent link to plant problems....check through and see if you see anything that matches your symptoms.

    Revised: The Complete Guide To Sick Plants,pH and Pest Troubles -
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    Thanks for the link. It looks like it is probably Calcium deficiency, but I have only noticed it on one plant out of 6. There is another one that has the twisted leaves and slow growth, but the rest are thriving, aside from the redness. I have also noticed the redness in the stems too.
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    Hey - Big D, Google a "Hanna Primo PPM meter". I think mine was under $40.

    If you think you have a Ca deficiency, get some CalMag+


    PC :smokin:
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    Here are some pics. The first one is the one that I think has the Ca deficiency, but the only spots are on that one set of leaves. The second is my healthiest plant.

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