reflective room material?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by herbaltivo, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. herbaltivo

    herbaltivo Registered+

    So I have a 3x6 room, all dedicated to veg right now, and I was looking for some input on the importance of reflective material.

    I've read of people using mylar (of course), flat white paint, and the one I'm thinking about, emergency blankets.

    What are people's thoughts on emergency blankets? Do they burn like aluminum foil? Is white paint enough?


  2. Villui

    Villui Registered+

    it makes the differance, pick up a roll of some thick mylar
  3. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    emergency blankets are indeed mylar and damn cheap too .
    you can't beat em for 2.00 each .
  4. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    Now personally I have the Mylar

    I don't know if you saw my thread about the poor grower version for mylar, but I did decide to get the 2 mil mylar...
    however a friend told me it checked his area with a light meter and found the flat white paint did a better job at reflecting than the mylar ....
    .... after I paid $26 for 25'. Oh well .... it looks pretty anyway .... so I would say it's up to you .... flat white paint is inexpensive, easy to clean and according to my friend reflects the best. You can get cheap mylar now with the gift wrap going on sale at half price the silver mylar in gift wrap .... I paid $3 full price for 55 sq. ft.

    Hope this helps :Rasta:
  5. Chronic Chrissy

    Chronic Chrissy Registered+

    Personally I prefer flat white paint.
  6. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Flat white paint is much easier to work with and keep clean. It can even be easier if you use plywood panels and paint them. They not only save you from repainting walls but they're also portible. I bought 2 of the cheapest sheets and had them cut in quarters at the lumber yard, which is perfect for a 4' sq area, then attached hinges so they stand alone w/o support.
  7. Chronic Chrissy

    Chronic Chrissy Registered+

    I love your set up that's what I've been working towards doing.:jointsmile:
  8. herbaltivo

    herbaltivo Registered+

    Xmas wrap, that's genius.

    I'll have to troll the local wall-mart (SIC) to see if they have any left. The last time I was there (looking for pots and soil, of which they had neither) they were working hard to blow out the X-Mas stuff, so we'll see.

    Thanks for the input. I'll post what I get, if I can get anything. It'd be funny to line the room with mylar sheets with little christmas trees on them...
  9. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    Best to use the silver mylar

    I was told it's best to get the plain silver mylar gift wrap .... with nothing on it .... so you get the best reflective results cheap.

  10. divestoned

    divestoned Guest

    it is proven scientifically and recorded in a book by ed rosenthal that flat white paint reflects light best.
  11. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    flat white can reflect up to and over 85% of light...

    don't know where i got that from, but it's what i read...

  12. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    You're probably right ...

    A friend of mine used a light meter and found that flat white paint reflects the best ..... but .... mylar is soooo prutty! :D :Rasta:


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