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  1. vileoxidation

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    Okay, so its kind of hard for me to get stuff where I am, so I try to get a lot when I can. I don't go through it very fast because I travel a lot, and I was wondering about refrigeration. One of my friends told me that I should just keep my stash always in the freezer, even if I will be home for awhile, and just take enough out for one bowl at a time. Is this okay on the weed? It doesn't hurt it in anyway to be frozen, right? Is this a good idea?
  2. halosin8r

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    if its air tight, like in a mason jar with the rubber seal, in an over-sized tube sock in a dresser near the bong, yeah it should last some time. :smokin: ;)
    not 100% sure on the whole freezing thing. I heard of it before myself.. but don't know much into it.
  3. Ol Schwaggy Bastard

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    It doesn't hurt it, but it causes the crystals to fall off easier. But its not a bad way to store weed.
  4. ninfan77

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    Storing in the freezer can dry your bud out even more. Just put it in something air tight and dark.

    I'm going to experiment with using canned nitrogen in an airtight jar. You can buy nitrogen in the can for preserving an open bottle of wine, so why not an open bag of weed.
  5. LIP

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    As long as the weed is completely dry, no moisture you can store it for almost ever. Just gotta make sure theres no wet, otherwise it'll mold.

    Freezing isnt a bad idea, but it will make the crystalls fall off easier. That what alot of people do before making hash.
  6. jamstigator

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    I'd refrigerate, but not freeze. Freezing plant matter does bad shit to it, destroys the cell walls, makes stuff go mushy. Maybe that's not true if it's bone dry, but I still wouldn't (and don't) risk it. I jar cure for two months, and then refrigerate, and that's been working so well I'm not gonna even try anything else.
  7. vileoxidation

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    So refrigerating won't hurt it at all?

    Thank you!

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