Reg weed vs Kush

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by toby11, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. toby11

    toby11 Registered

    Hey, so i got a little situation here.
    I'm a very fortunate smoker. i was introduced by friends who refuse to do reg marjuana. because i this, i have never tried reg weed, and have lived off of purple kush, blue dream haze, and other sorts of dank stuff. So, this weekend i realized i don't have that much money to be throwing in on just weed ( i need food and other stuff). so i was wondering you're opinions. Should i buy 2 grams of reg weed for 20$ or 1 gram of blue haze for 20$. what is everyones opinoin here. thanks for the help. :thumbsup:
  2. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    If money is tight I usually go for the cheaper stash. But it depends on how 'regular' you're talking. Someone once told me I was getting 'regular' shit and it ended up being a bag of sticks and nasty, almost unsmokeable weed.

    The weird part is the less than great shit always gets me really high right away, but as I keep smoking it I don't get high at all.

    but in any case, when I know Im gonna be tight on cash, I stock up on whatever's cheapest. Sucks for a while but its better than nothing for sure.
  3. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    Oh, and find a new source. 20 a gram for anything is BULLSHIT
  4. toby11

    toby11 Registered

    unfortuntaly around here, $20 for a g is the usual price for anyhting decent. it sucks.
  5. jtsik330

    jtsik330 Registered+

    I've never seen anyone get a gram of good weed for less then 20. I think 20 is pretty standard at least on the east coast of the US. I haven't been able to go out west YET. That being said if I were you and depending on how much you smoke, I personaly would break the gram in half and smoke 2 l's out of one bag. If money is tight then ill clip it early. Good weed can get me to feel good after a few hits where reggi I would have to smoke the whole blunt. Ihow often do you smoke?
  6. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    Up in Seattle its 10 bucks a gram. an ounce is 260 for some dank 280 for the super fire. Some people try and sell the really good shit for 300 but i would never pay that.
  7. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    If the weed for 20 bucks a gram is as dank as you say, it should be a no brainer.
  8. jtsik330

    jtsik330 Registered+

    Not sayiing the weed over here is better, just saying that on the West coast I think you can get smoke cheaper:jointsmile:
  9. RideTheWave

    RideTheWave Banned

    I'd say go for the 20 bag of regs,just make sure it doesnt look like total crap. Out here in the midwest missouri area,can get a 20 bag of 2g's of some nice beasters. Take a nice fatty rip from a bong and your decently ripped. Hell forego the nug's this week and give yourself a break and then when you smoke again youll get extra ripped on some good.
  10. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    Dude, always smoke good weed. One hit of good weed gets you just as high as two hits of shitty weed.
  11. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    It would depend how good the reg weed was. Personally, i'd buy the quality gram and get some kief out of it so it would be worth it for me. $20 doesn't mean that much to me. But, my advice for you is go for the reg weed coz it'll last longer if you're smoking bowls or joints. I never buy just a gram or two though, minimum 8th but usually minimum 1/4 these days lol.
  12. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I enjoy smoking the really high (haha) quality of weed just as anyone else. It's cleaner, you feel more alert, and it gets you MUCH more stoned.

    But being as we're in a economic quagmire, I've always preferred getting larger quantities of mids vs. smaller quantities of headies. I like to keep my tolerance on the lower side because it's cheaper. Also, suppliers around my area are MUCH more likely to just slap a name on a high-quality bud, and sell it for laughable amounts of money. I refuse to support such disregard for stoners, so 90% of the time, I buy a larger stash from my normal guy.

    Also, it makes me appreciate VERY good bud when I do come across it. Everyone has their own preferences.

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