Regaining "extended" short-term memory loss

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Hajpoj, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Hajpoj

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    After doing some extensive research, it appears short-term memory loss is the result of the presence of THC in your system and nothing to do with any physical damage to any part of your brain. And for a chronic smoker like me(5 oz of superdank in last 2 months) I have a considerable build up of THC.

    I do notice the short-term memory loss, often times I will find myself someplace in my house without any idea why I'm there. Even though there was a reason for me being there....It's a very frustrating and depressing feeling. And this has gone on for some time, where I know I was completely baseline.

    I didn't used to be like this, and I feel I'm violating my intellectual integrity to allow this to go on. I LOVE WEED GUYS, but as an intellectual the thought of short-term memory loss is enough to dissuade and disgust me from this stuff all-together. As such, I'm very well informed and have chosen cannabis as my sole "recreational substance" for such occasions. From what I'm understanding, I have to go off this stuff for 6-8 weeks before all the THC is out of my system and short-term memory returns to normal.

    My question is, being a former chronic user(3 days since I last toked) can I continue to use cannabis twice a week per se and expect my memory to return to normal over the long term? Or is the only way to expect to use cannabis modestly again, is to quit cold turkey for 2 months?
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  2. TryptamineScape

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    I smoked every night and never have short term memory loss, on the other hand my best friend has never smoked and he forgets the dumbest shit all the time. Don't blame the weed man.
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  3. worm

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    If you ask me, I think you're just noticing short-term memory loss because you're looking for it now and have something to blame it on. I remember learning about this in a psych class...

    Have you ever learned a new word or something and then all of a sudden you start to hear or read that word more often?

    Everyone can relate man, pothead or otherwise. Everyone has walked into a room at one point and then said to themselves "why the fuck did i need to come in here??"

    I think (for myself at least) its because I decide to go do something and then on the way there I start thinking about other shit and my body goes on auto pilot.
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  4. Hajpoj

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    Well I suppose "every night" pales in comparison. I was high for a month straight, several times over the last 6 months. I mean, I spent the entire month high, never coming down. Wake and bake, every morning and continued all day.
  5. Hajpoj

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    One thing though, is that when I hit the gym I got this Godly runner's high so much more intense than I ever experienced. I did a little research into endorphins, that are endogenous cannabinoids, so I think my body somehow released stored up cannabinoids along with my natural ones, which resulted in a what I described.
  6. petros

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    I definitely notice a little bit of a stupor the morning after smoking a lot the night before. I wouldn't say I smoke a lot on a regular basis, but when I do I just find myself a little less intelligent, forgetful, etc., and sometimes it lasts the whole next day. If I just get to a relaxed high and ride it out before I go to bed, I usually don't notice it at all the next day. Maybe it's different for everyone though.
  7. Coelho

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    Well... the THC is stored in the fat of the body, so when you burn fat (during physical exercises, or fasting) the THC is released again, making you high.
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  8. Jesta

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    That used to happen to me. Then I took a break and slowed my smoking down and it stopped. Now that I started to rise up on the ammount I smoke I wonder if it will happen again.
  9. Hajpoj

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    That explains the unbelievable runner's highs I've been having, so is exercise the quick way to detox?
  10. TryptamineScape

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    exercise is a good detox for any toxin.
  11. the image reaper

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    I have always experienced significant memory loss from smoking pot ... whenever I went straight for awhile, it would start returning to normal after awhile ... I went without pot for 6 years once, because of job testing ... I could actually 'feel' my thinking return to normal, after a few months ... but, it took well over a year, before I felt totally back to 'normal' ... I would add, Ive been a VERY heavy MJ smoker for a lotta years, so I may be dumber than the rest of ya :D
  12. birdgirl73

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    Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance. You're one of the smartest folks I know. And one of the nicest!

    I found cannabis really shot holes in my memory, too, and it lasted for up to five or six days, which was not a good thing when I was trying to finish up at my job before I quit to go back to school. It was pretty evident to me that, even if I'd wanted to, I wouldn't have been able to keep up smoking and trying to be a med student. Especially a first-year med student. The amount of memorization we had to do was incredible. My brain's muddled enough from middle age and anti-arrhythmic heart medicines. It didn't need any more challenges.
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  13. joseph1

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    Ey guys, Im experiencing alot of holes in my memory never been a chronic mairjuana user but ive used it on a limited bases, I forget what i do earlier during the week what I say and What people say to me I read books and i cannot recall what I have read.
    it sucks.
    i havent smoked in a good 9 months MY reasoning has come back but i cant seem to remember stuff I did about a year ago its hard to recall that aswell,

    How long does it take for the short term memory to come back ONE YEAR or TWO Years can medication used to treat Attention Decifit Disorders help me recovery?

    so depressed the 1 thing i got to love reuined my intelluctual ability
  14. beachguy in thongs

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    There are a lot of issues in this thread and most can be cleared up by the differences between Indica and Sativa.

    Spread your wings and fly... Or, have someone spread their wings and fly different weed to you.
  15. melodious fellow

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    damn, maybe my my green isn't all that potent... I don't experience anymore mem loss than before i started smoking, and it is not much different if i take a break either. i don't blame the weed for much at all.
  16. Th3 sand m4n

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    i dont ever smoke mids because it leaves you feeling so much dumber then a good sativa head high +1 Beach guy in thongs
  17. Herbs529

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    It never felt like it affected mine but then again different people have different effects. Most people get the munchies and want to chill, I on the other hand find I'm less hungry all the time and a lot more productive. I tend to get more energy to do things. I think it has alot to do with what your think about it and why you smoke.:Rasta:
  18. DurbanStone

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    I know exactly what you're talking about dude. I started smoking at 15 all the way to 20, every single day, the first few days it was 3-7 times a day, but the past two or so years it was once at night. I've smoked about 15 times in the past 4 months, and my head is SO much clearer. It does suck when you forget all the time.

    If it's true that a pure sativa doesn't do this to you, that's all I will smoke from now on.
  19. LIP

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    I used to get short term memory loss for the first year or two of smoking, but then after that i've had no problems. My memory is fine, and i smoke ALOT of weed everyday.
  20. partcleguy

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    I'm almost certain the THC stored in your fat has been hydrolyzed and is in an inactive form. Burning the fat will not reactivate it. If that were true, you would get high every time you work out or break a sweat for a while. I know runners high is a relatively rare thing for most people (I've only had it twice and ive been working out for many years)...

    Those chemicals that cause a runners high are endogenous opioids, not cannabinoids. The opiods are things like enkephalins, endorphins, and others...

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