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  1. Zel

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    I have just harvest my female about two weeks ago and leaving a small bud. But some how the remaining bub were dry out and fall off!!! What would I do to regenerate this plant back into vegetation cycle?
  2. bonbon

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    there should be some foilage left for it to regenerate,some leave's and branche's,1/4grow nutrient and continous light(24HR's) should start some new growth....bonbon
  3. Zel

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    Ok! will try that. Can you suggest what kind of grow nutrient would I need? 20/20 or 20/30? thanks for your help!!!

    I been lost~~~~
  4. bonbon

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    a higher nitrogen content like a(ie) 10-5-5 npk...bonbon
  5. jupiter

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    night required

    plants require night, i think a 24/24 light rate is too high (i never tried it tough), the chemical equation of the plant has to be equilibrated, you can't push it all the time.
    I regenerated a plant with a 20/24 sheme... lots of light, and N is also very important indeed.
  6. Zel

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    thanks guys! will try, then keep update on it! thanks again for help!
  7. bonbon

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  8. ozsmoka

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    I have succsefuly attempted this experiment. I'm smokin bud off a 2yo bitch (outdoor). just cut plant back at end of cycle to those bottom shitty lil buds not worth smokin. They will grow a lil coarse and dry as plant enz first season. BUT keep watering etc and plant will go through growth stage once more-even starting off with single leaf then three leaf etc. It will come back hard making great cloning ma's. the clones will bee same age as the ma.
    This is great coz you know you have a female every season and potency increases and plant gets bushier every season increasing yeild. IMPORTANT to keep males well away- but if you do get polination next year be more careful with males and that bitch will throw out some excelent bud.
    use the force
  9. Zel

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    How much or how often watering would you suggest?
  10. ozsmoka

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    conserve the H2o.

    depends on plants position. i've found pot to be more hardy in terms of water than i expected. depends on age of plant, ive found the younger the plant- the more 'moisture' it needs(must have something to do with root development). i put my finger an inch or so into the dirt near the roots. if its not moist down there it needs watering. plenty of mulch ( old lawn clippings are great as they also feed your girls) will help alot in keeping your plants nice'n' moist all day and all night. ive found its better to under water than water too much.
    i have a lil irrigation set up but i think i'll set up a drip system this year.
    help the planet- conserve the H2o.
  11. Zel

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    thank you OZ!
    It has been almost two weeks now! have light and water, the nutrient .... but still no sign of life on this planet....I am crossing my toes and wait!!!!
    Should I replace part of old soil for some new one? or should I change to a bigger pot and add some new one? thanks again for all the help and answers.
  12. ozsmoka

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    My pless. dude.
    It does take awhile as the plants go into dormancy for a while. Wether it regens or not will probably depend on how far back you chopped the previous season. I cut back to where the buds an branches are too small to bother harvesting. Those tiny insignificant little branches and buds will grow to be alot bigger.
    Re soil mine are out doors. When plants go into dormancy I cover with a layer of chickenshit then a layer of dried lawn clippings. I only use what I make in my own garden. A good worm farm is essential for seedlings but is a little impractical for larger plants unless you have a big operation. Just cant make enough worm castings.
    The standard thing to do I've heard is if you cut back the plant you trim the back the roots a little. This can be an issue doing hydro but I know sweet f a about hydro. Also I've heard you put the lighting cycle back to vegetative phase to regen. Needs to trick plant into the idea that spring is here now-WAKE UP U M.F.!
    If u r outdoor wait & feed. In spring regen should occur. If u r hydro maybe trim roots just a smidge u say u have nutrient so shouldnt need feeding, change light phase back to vegetative. cross fingers. I also suspect genetics may help but not critical.
    Good luck hang in there dude. GIVE IT TIME.
    Let us know how you go. heres my regen

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  13. Disco

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    Well i,v regenrated lots of plants into nice mothers and all i do is cut it back leaving the shitty lil buds at the base , stick em onto 24 light with a high nitrogen diet and wait about a month .
    Don,t try changing the soil or messing with the roots as the plant is undergoing an unnatural faise in going backwards , and they can be against the idea of going from autum to summer in a day ,and somtimes go belly up.
    So don,t give any unecissery stress.
  14. newbyplanter

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    lol you pothead

    lol faise ...nice man
  15. dHazed

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    the easiest way to insure they regen if you are using containers is to transplant them into slightly larger containers with a nice vegetative mixture of dirt (high N & K) in addition to leaving an ample amount of green growth at the bottom of the plant. leave a few small buds just in case one or two dry out.
  16. dHazed

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    i think stress is a good thing. thru stress hermies are eliminated as are the weaker plants. plus a little stress early in life seems to result into a sweeter and stronger finished product.

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