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    Grew a nice plant outdoor in the ground ,Ive trimmed most of the bud left some bottom branches to fatten up. Can i regrow this same plant till next season and get another yield? Im just wondering because this was an awesome strain and i dont want to lose it. Also the bud that is left on the plant is turning purple why is this happening ive never grown purple b4.
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    All Mj will turn purple with age and cold. I have seen it many times with out door growers. If it is a very light winter it may live but I doubt it. Root cuttings and keep a mother inside under fluro's. Best bet.
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    Dont know where you are but they definitely die off after flower here in the south US. I don't think it would live on indefinitely anyplace else, as it's an anual seed bearing type of plant. It drops seed at the end of the season, dies off and then the seeds generate next yrs plants.
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    It's an annual.
    No point in even trying to fuck around with regeneration unless you are indoors where you can play with light schedule and 'fool' the plant.
    You're just going to be disappointed.
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    i plan on regeneration
    im growing indoors

    plz link me up with a regeneration guide

    have searched but keep getting noobs asking the same question

    i know you remove the bud when ready and let it grow back but thats it

    much appreciated
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    if indoors in a pot, leave some leaf/bud material on the plant after harvest and switch the light back to 24hrs.or 16 but it can take a little while to get going again. plus the new growth looks weird for a while. here is before and after, probably about a month and 1/2.

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    i'll try it
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    Just harvested Mango (see avatar) and thru the plant back into veg. I'll see how it goes and report back.

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