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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Azzzza, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Azzzza

    Azzzza Registered+

    i just bought brunnings regular organic potting mix and i was wondering if that was good enough to do the job , i am placing the seed in there today and before i do that it would be great help if that soil sounds ok

    here is some information on the soil :

    Brunnings Potting Mix is prepared from a special blend of organic materials that complies with the requirements of the Australian Standards AS3743 for regular potting mix.

    It is ideal for container plants in both indoor and outdoor situations including window boxes, hanging baskets, potting bulbs and re-potting of indoor plants, shrubs and ornamentals.

    kind regards !

    OLDJIMMYBONES Registered+

    yea it will do the job
  3. Azzzza

    Azzzza Registered+

    thanks man

    OLDJIMMYBONES Registered+

    im guessin you goin for an organic grow?
  5. Azzzza

    Azzzza Registered+

    yeh man , its outdoor and i was just wondering if that should be fine to grow it fully

    OLDJIMMYBONES Registered+

    yup that will do it

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