Relaxing Songs - got any? (RAP)

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by gohomegetstoned, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. gohomegetstoned

    gohomegetstoned Registered

    These types of songs are hard to find and I want more because they are amazing to listen to while stoned... I like rap but more relaxed..

    The best example is I Feel Like Dying by Lil Wayne

    its amazing.. does anyone have some good songs like that?

    I guess im sort of looking for music with deep lyrics, not any of the rap that brags about cars chains guns etc.
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  2. Zoosh

    Zoosh Registered+

    Skream ft JME - Tapped
  3. Sandman27

    Sandman27 Registered+

    Hieroglyphics - "Cab Fare"
  4. ReUp

    ReUp Registered+

    On My Block - Scarface
  5. Infamous

    Infamous Registered+

  6. snowblind

    snowblind Registered+

    atop are sick, jedi mind are wikid too, rise of the machine and on the eve of war remix.

    but just get some rjds, dj shadow, or emancipator trip hop, thats far more chilled
  7. Infamous

    Infamous Registered+

    Haha yeah man. "They call me Kublai Khan, Ready for war with a Ruger 9, I'm ready wit a machete for Rudy Guilian".

    Vinne Paz is one of the best rappers out there.
  8. BlazedinBA

    BlazedinBA Registered+

    Bone Thugs n Harmoney - Weedsong

    ^relxing slow song about weed lol^
  9. Surge25

    Surge25 Registered+

    superstar - lupe fiasco
  10. Ghengis Chron

    Ghengis Chron Registered+

    Definitely check out Bone Thugs N' Harmony if you're looking for relaxing music with a hip hop/rap influence.

    "Why do I stay high?"
    "Days of our lives"
    "Weed Song"

    All good song.
  11. Ghengis Chron

    Ghengis Chron Registered+

    "Why do I stay high" = "If I could teach the world" <--- the main title
  12. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    lil flip + big shasta

    sunny day
  13. high.five

    high.five Registered

    Smokin Buddha - Bone thugz n harmony
    str8 ballin - 2pac
    jurassic 5
  14. kilo_12

    kilo_12 Registered+

    lil wyte - fucked up
    lil wyte - its on
    lil wyte - acid
    lil wyte - oxycotton
    lil wyte - my smoking song
    lil wyte - look like you
    Bone Thugs N Harmony - Flowmotion
    9MM -New Bone Thugs-
    Bone Thugs N Harmony - 1st-month

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