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  1. Hey guys, How have you been? Im sorry I haven't contributed much to the site. Honestly I have been nervous to post up here.
    And then unfortunately a mishap with a so called "friend" robbed my bean vault in my sleep and dipped to Florida! This happened after summer harvest and I lost all my genetics! I was pist! I had him come up to help trim! Never again...
    Anyways I'm talking to some of my closer friends; Emilya, redrails, weezard, dirtybluegene, papapayne, first timer66, DZX, tj, and anyone else in forgetting!
    I just wanted to show 2016 summer. I learned a lot about training a plant for maximum tops and bud sites! If I could only remember how to post pics!
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    Wow.. Sorry to hear this.
    Nothing worse than being ripped off by someone you considered a friend.
    It tends to cause you to become distrustful of others.

    On the other side, I think we'd like to see some of last summer's success.
    I have found sometimes the site will let me post pics and sometimes not (like now)
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  3. Thanks bro. Yea I joined the site about a year ago but was real busy with summers harvest. I was able to get the pics up I posted them in the lounge I believe... I'm stoned lol
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