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  1. Hey sorry Community for reposting they wouldn't let me put my pictures!!!

    Hey guys, How have you been? Im sorry I haven't contributed much to the site. Honestly I have been nervous to post up here.
    And then unfortunately a mishap with a so called "friend" robbed my bean vault in my sleep and dipped to Florida! This happened after summer harvest and I lost all my genetics! I was pist! I had him come up to help trim! Never again...
    Anyways I'm talking to some of my closer friends; Emilya, redrails, weezard, dirtybluegene, papapayne, first timer66, DZX, tj, and anyone else im forgetting!
    I just wanted to show 2016 summer. I learned a lot about training a plant for maximum tops and bud sites! It's crazy to look back at a year ago where I was at! Wow anyways for those that knew me or anyone who cares to look. I ran 7 strains this summer! I used 10 gallon pots on on but the wet Dreams and the Money Maker, they were in 5 gals. And OG Tahoe went into the earth! I used Roots Organic Soil. And a blend of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhiza. Along with a bloom booster some enzyme and molasses for the bennies. I top dressed with Bat guano the first week or so of flower. And I have the a BudSwel Tea. With Nice results! I am switching over to super soil as I realized it's not about weight! It's about quality! And the best tasting bud comes from organics as I have learned first hand from a few growers and a few books as well. And when I tried fully organically grown herb I loved it! The quality is there and you can tell!
    Wet Dreams X Blueberry Lotus -PapaPayne/
    Payne Farms
    Cheese Surprises X BlueBerry Lotus-PapaPayne
    Money Maker- by GreenHouse Seeds
    Delahaze- Paradise seeds
    Blue Dream-Humbolt
    Amherst Sour Diesel-Humbolt
    And the beast-
    OG Tahoe (lemon lime slurpie pheno) This lucky find came from an oz from a Denver dispensary. And the one seed happens to be a lady!
    Anyways I'll shut up here's some shots of the garden...

    Natural pest prevention. I found a few of these guys last year! IMG_0378.JPG

    Sour- IMG_0426.JPG

    Cheese Surprise X Blueberry lotus PapaPayne genetics (beautiful plant! Short Fat plant! Tight internodes, easy to train, spits out many shoots and bud sites, had a musty grape smell similar to cheesequake. The buds stacked nice, and dense! There was no problem with PM or bud rot! And she was finished by mid October! The colas were so insane! Super dense! Purple with sugar coated tricombs. And the smoke was very nice! IMG_0508.JPG

    OG Tahoe trained into a huge bush!

    Clones- (OG Tahoe) (papapayne Cheese Surprise X Blueberry lotus) IMG_0432.JPG

    Money Maker(purple Pheno)

    Cold weather and the fade!
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  2. DirtyBlueGene

    DirtyBlueGene Registered+

    Summer garden looks awesome, bro. :doublethumbs:

    Great to see you back!
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  3. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Good stuff!
    Welcome back.
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  4. Thanks guys! Glad to see you guys are still around! Hope everyone's garden is flourishing!
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  5. DirtyBlueGene

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    I just have a couple Mataro Blue from Kannabia Seeds atm, only 10 days from seed, so not much to look at, lol. Hope you'll stick around, brother. :)
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  6. For sure!
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  7. tangentweed

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    Beautiful pics, man. The purple Money Maker especially. Your praying mantis is quite photogenic :D
    Sorry your "friend" ripped you off. I've been in similar situations before. Totally sucks.
    I posted in the other thread of yours where you had trouble getting your photos up.
    Sometimes one thread will let you post 'em, sometimes not (I'm learning the twists and turns of the site, being new here)
    Great photos..
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  8. Thanks man! Yea The mantis are very good at catching pests;)
    And It was definitely a busy summer that didn't end the best, but I'm trying to look forward!
    I have a few health conditions that MJ helps the best. (Anxiety, Panic attacks, depression, pain, insomnia, HepC, ADHD, and a heart murmur and an arithmia, and a prolonged qt interval, which MJ gives me a consistent steady heartbeat. With out MJ my heart beats real slow, then fast, then irregular.
    So without quality genetics...: it's a crap shoot.
    I have been in terrible agony! The doctor took me off of my anxiety medication klonapin that I was on since 2009. And MJ helps ease my anxiety! And helps with all my other physical and mental pain.
    Thanks to an old close friend;).... I'm hoping I'll have some quality beans in no time!
    Thanks everyone
    Stay high
    Stay free
    Release the medicine
  9. Bigliv25

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    Looking really good bro!!! Very impressed!!!
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  10. Thanks BigLiv! I can't wait till this summer! I was thinking less plants. Maybe 2 but I want to build a organic super soil and use 65-100galon smart pots! Have some monsters! I gata get my genetics first though and do some pheno hunting! Lol... I love this hobby, would love to eventually breed one day. Anyways I'll shut up, time to blaze!!!:S5:
    Stay high
    Stay free
    Release the medicine
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  11. Weezard

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    Gambling spam?! Frikken morons.

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