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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by JoeFriday, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. JoeFriday

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    I am a disabled vet. I am planning on relocating to colorado in order to grow meds for my chronic pain.

    Can anyone recommend good areas for cheap grow friendly areas?
    Any advice on how to begin my medical card paperwork before I move or as soon as I arrive would be great.

    Any other tips or advice about the local area, or anything that might help me prepar for my move would be appreciated.

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    please don't come to Colorado if you think you can make money to live on with your grow. plan to support yourself with means other than mmj, and you'll be able to come and live in relative freedom. what do you like? do you want to be in the mountains? the city? the middle of nowhere? outdoor hobbies? what kind of employment will you be looking for or are you on disability?

    it's a big state, with lots of different attitudes and lifestyles..

    avoid Denver and it's northern, non-Boulder County suburbs.

    Longmont is pretty reasonable on all accounts...

    Boulder is friendly but quite expensive

    Lot's of people grow in the CO Springs area, but it's pretty right-wing-religious, too. (interesting thing is the religious right in co has not taken on MMJ. too many Christians smoke - no offense intended)
  4. JoeFriday

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    I am on disability so my intrests dont stray far from the computer, and watching the grass grow.

    I have no desire to make money off this plant, simply seeking to ease my pain.
    I havent picked a area yet, I dont leave the house much so really anywhere is the same to me as long as its affordable and grow friendly.

    I was sold on Colorado but am currently also exploring option of new mexico.

    I am Christian, and take no offense...God created it and me, kinda like choclate and peanut butter they were just made to go together.

    Thank you for your response, do you happen to know if I can begin the process of getting my card prior to moving, or approx how long it will take to get it after I apply if I must wait til I move?
  5. cornbread

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    You're moving here just to grow pot?
  6. JoeFriday

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    Why is it Unbelievable... I am considering new mexico as an alternative.

    But I have to live somewhere, why should I not choose a medical friendly state to live? considering I live in constant chronic pain, and the VA can not prescribe me pain meds that work. I am so tired of living in pain, some days I would rather die than endure the pain. I seek relief.

    Many people move to florida for the warmth on thier old bones, or to a dry climate because they have breathing problems...I cant remove the pain, but I can dull it...I NEED to dull it.
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    Joe, I hear you 100%. My husband is a disabled vet too and we can't continue to stay in Illinois if they don't pass our bill. We are working really hard to get it passed and it may go before the House in November after the election. If not then, possibly January. Our sponsor is amazing, Lou Lang, and he is working as hard as we are to get this done.

    The bill will be a tight one though and also has a sunset clause. If the program doesn't work within three years they can stop it. It's all so crazy. Doctors can prescribe Methadone, Oxy, Morphine, etc...but they can't prescribe cannabis?

    Oh and by the way, did you hear the VA eased up their rules about cannabis and getting pain meds at the VA? In states where it's legal, they will no longer penalize vets who have a cannabis card from a civilian doctor! That's huge for a federal agency to get on board!

    Anyway, good luck in your move. You fought for us and now it's time you are able to live pain free. Thanks for your service.
  8. Colodonmed

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    Hi, hope all is well. Disabled vet here as well. Thanks for your service man. I used to live in the Denver area but have relocated Southwest a few hours up in the mountains. I love it here, but the winters can be pretty harsh and the constant change in barometric pressure really can mess with joints. General rule of thumb in my opinion is if you don't mind the snow and cold then anywhere in the state is for you. If those conditions are a factor then the farther South you venture the less snow, although we do get a heavy period every now and again. The Canon City area is pretty cool. Sits along the Arkansas river and provides good access to Pueblo and Colorado Springs. The VA has a clinic in Pueblo and the rumor is a new VA hospital is to be constructed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. Both cities are within a 30-40 minute drive. The main VA hospital is in Denver and I believe there is another in Grand Junction. Denver is about 1 1/2 hrs from Canon City. Canon City is located in what is referred to as the "bannana belt" of Colorado as it does not receive the harsh winters weather normally associated with mountain living. It is a small big town with pretty much everything you need right there. Some good grow shops that are friendly. From the Canon City area you can be in the high mountains or the flat plains in a very short commute of 10-30 minutes. Colorado really has so much to offer it just depends on your personal tastes and needs. Good luck in your adventures and be well!
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    Colorado's a big state, lots of small towns and a couple of larger towns/cities. You didn't state or maybe I missed it what like of place you're looking for, small town, remote mountain town, urban, suburb, etc...

    Right now it seems Boulder county is one of the friendlier places, but parts of it are a little on the expensive side.

    Are you on a fixed income? Are you 100% disabled or will you still need to find work?

    As far as finding a doctor to get your recommendation - once you get here, ask here or around the place you move too. It's not going to help you any, to give you the name of a doc in Denver if you end up moving to Grand Junction...
  10. JoeFriday

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    Thank you for all the responses, they help but im still having trouble deciding betwe CO and NM...afraid its going to come down to a coin toss.
  11. Colodonmed

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    Good Luck to you wherever you end up, both choices are very nice places!!
  12. copobo

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    yes, good luck.

    I think your reason to move is right on. many have moved for liberty!
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