Remove THC tolerance?!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by kinghost1, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. kinghost1

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    Is there something that you could drink/ingest daily to LOWER ones tolerance to marijuana? Before 4/20 i want to stay sober and get a great high on friday. Is there anything that can detox my body so that the THC will have a stronger effect on me?
  2. Frivolous248

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    Work out, boost your metabolism. Drink lots of water (this DOES increase your metabolism).
  3. The trick is to not smoke so much marijuana!:jointsmile:
  4. jpbc99

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    -Gallager: "dont smoke dope when you have already smoked don't get any higher...just lower on dope..."

    something to that effect. only way is to take a break, or smoke more potent pot...or up the ante from joint to gravity bong [constructed so as not to allow for stale other words a small gravity bong].

    or both. gl
  5. kinghost1

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    ya got some granddaddy purp! gonna save it for 420 but too bad noone knows of any drug or supplement that removes built up thc..:(
  6. not_the_kitty

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    Just cut down from your regular amount, I smoke multiple times a day and if I cut it back to just once a day I usually feel higher quicker. Maybe just quit a day or two before 4/20.

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