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  1. maliceaxewell

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    will removing fan leaves from bud stalks increase budding and production?
    :cool:is this a wives tale or what
  2. M1K3

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    Don't Remove anything that is still green.
  3. fatsax

    fatsax Registered+

    yep i agree
    unless they are large fan leaves shadowing alot of growth underneath,mainly when u have alot of plants growing
  4. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    There are only three reasons to remove a leaf...
    #1. It has turned more than 2/3 yellow or brown.
    #2. It has mites or mold on it.
    #3. It is blocking the light from getting to lower bud sites.

    Removing the fan leaves will not significantly increase your yield. In fact, it may reduce your yield if you remove too many.
    Just stick with what the plant does naturally. It knows how to grow.
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  5. stinkyattic

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    Even if a leaf is blocking the light to a lower bud site, leave it.
    If you want to make sure all buds get lots of light, remove the lower bud sites instead, right at inception of flowering, forcing the plant to focus all its energy on prime-cola production.
    Besides, who likes manicuring popcorn buds anyway?
  6. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    It depends how much room you have. In a big room with HID lighting, theres no need for it. In a small grow cab with CFL's, it can be necessary.
    Who manicures popcorn buds? I just make hash!
  7. razzapiggy

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    I take off the bottom 1\3 of the plant, so in that way... yeah I remove a shit ton of fan leaves. But like others said, up top you want to leave them on in most cases. That said, from time to time I will take a fan leave off late in flowering if it's covering a whole bud site. But you could just as easily tie it back somehow.
  8. maliceaxewell

    maliceaxewell Registered

    :thumbsup:thanx u guys,this place rules,always great information:Rasta:

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