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    Hello everyone,
    I apologize in advance because I am sure this has been discussed somewhere in the depths of this forum, but I cannot find the information I am looking for online. I'm permanently moving to Breckenridge from Minnesota, and am looking to get my card. I know that Montana and Oregon allow "out of staters" to receive a card, but I was just wondering what it takes for someone moving out there this October, do I have to wait a full year until I gain residency in order to qualify? I am hoping to eventually supply to a dispensary somewhere down the road, but I am worried I wont be able to get supplied until a year after my move.
    Thanks so much everyone!:thumbsup:
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    I hope i get this right ut it'll at least get you going....

    New Colorado Resident

    New Colorado Resident

    If you have recently moved to Colorado, you must apply for a Colorado title and registration for your vehicle within 90 days from establishing Colorado residency. Colorado residency is established when one of the following criteria is met:

    You have obtained employment in Colorado.
    You own or operate a business in Colorado.
    You have resided in Colorado continuously for 90 days.

    Then ya go here:

    Colorado: Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry

    Read State Bill 1284. Individual patients can no longer supply/sell to MMC's (dispensaries) or to any patients but the 5 under their caregivership. (we had unlimited sales and could take on as many patients as we pleased and could sell to dispensaries pre July 1, 2010.) Bastards.

    After July 1, you have to put yer name on documents the Feds can access and give up all personal info for about 10 years prior to the app to get this license/sell legally to other MMC's (no direct patient sales here either)

    On top of that, there in now a moratorium on NEW licensing of any kind until july 2011 and then there will be another BIG rush as the "slow" folks try to climb on the movin train.

    And the an out of stater you will have to wait 2 YEARS, I believe, before you can step into this kind of a >>commercial<<< situation in any capacity.

    It's all pretty fucked. However, if you just wanna be a patient and you aren't looking to get rich and they don't pass more laws restricting us growing in our own homes over the next year...hey... you'll be cool. LOL.

    Breck is a fun town but realize that there's so much pot here it isn't a boom town/State anymore. You can BUY all ya want but selling it is getting harder everyday and prices continue to fall.

    lotsa rentals cus there aren't many good jobs.....but there's always Vail Resorts. gulp....

    good luck
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    Thanks man, that was really helpful! I really appreciate it
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    And yeah, I realize the market for distributing or whatever is almost non existent, big change from Minnesota where street prices are around 20 a gram! Im just hoping to spend a few years or so in Colorado, then move to a different state once new laws pass where a previously non medical state turned medical, and then hopefully have enough experience to supply or whatever. We will see how it all goes !
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    Unless you got mega funds to open a MMC i would look at other states. The gold rush as people put it is over in Colorado unless your willing to sign your life away and every personal thing about your life and give power of attorney to the state of colorado to open a MMC. HB 1284 killed the caregivers and forced every one to open a MMC if they wanted to make money. As a caregiver you cannot make profit off your patients any more unless you charge for some other services you may provide.

    If you are looking to move here to make money off MMJ and be legal your only option is to open a MMC. Unfornately most other states have simliar stuff in the works. With the boom of MMJ its forcing states to pass legislation to combat the problems arrising from it.

    If you want to make money legally its going to cost you.
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    Good info BlackHash provided.
    But for the quick & dirty, if you just want to be a registered patient and grow your own, not interested in opening a dispensary or be a commercial grower.

    Once you move here:
    1) get your Colorado driver's license or ID & register your vehicles

    2) go get your Dr recommendation (there are scams out there, be sure you meet with an actual Dr and not just someone "acting" on a Dr's behalf)

    3) fill out the MMJ registration application (make sure you read the instructions on how to fill out properly - seems to change all the time! Also make sure to use the application from the CO website - the place you get your Dr recommendation may give you an app but it might be out-dated.)

    4) make copies of the recommendation & application to use until you get your card

    5) mail in the original recommendation & application using certified mail - keep your receipt of mailing

    6) make copies of your proof of mailing

    7) take a copy of your Dr recommendation, registration app, and proof of mailing to your local dispensary or start growing your own - as long as you filled out the registration properly and used a real Dr you're good to go!

    Enjoy & welcome to CO!


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