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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Mr Greenthumb, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Mr Greenthumb

    Mr Greenthumb Registered+

    I've been toying around with the idea of putting a long metal rod in one of my pipes and leaving it in there until it collects enough resin on it to just pull it out and clean it off. I'm pretty sure in would work.

    Any other ideas for maximum resin collection?
  2. tier 2

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    i used to have this little sneak-a-toke. it was my first pipe. it was metal and had a little screw on lid and everything. you could unscrew all the parts and just scrape off tons of fucking resin from everywhere. i'd use an exacto and get every little bit out every month or so. after 420 a couple years ago, i hadn't cleaned it in a while and it was starting to drag on hits, i opened it up and cleaned it and came up with like 3 gs of resin. it was insane. so if your big on collecting your resin, by a little metal piece, or make one with like plumbing parts, and just hit away.

    on the opposite end of the spectrum, whats the best method to get rid of resin from a glass pipe? ive heard salt and alcohol...anyone got a good idea? I don't need to keep the resin, so whatever method, i just want it out.
  3. LIP

    LIP Banned



    Hot water


    Salty water
  4. BobMaRleYIsGodLY

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    if you want to collect it just go buy one of them metal pipes that break down into like 4 pieces....they seem to get alot of resin really fast an they are really easy to clean...but they taste horrible after a while
  5. Big Calhoun

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    In college, a friend of mine used to put in a good sized bud or two into the chamber of the pipe. Not an entire bud, but like a good nugget sized chunk. He'd let the resin collect on it, pull it out, and smoke on it. Wasn't bad.

    Cleaning resin from glass...alcohol.
  6. Eshelmen

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    dude he wants to collect resin.. not clean the pipe!!

  7. ChronicMike

    ChronicMike Registered+

    When you said 420 tier it gave me a collect all my resin untill 420 and smoke a bunch of big resin balls.
  8. 420Dank

    420Dank Registered+

    actually na he doesnt want to keep the resin.
    he just wants it out of his glass piece.
  9. Pepdog07

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    Best way to collect resin and clean ur pipe at the same time is placing the piece in medium hot water on the stove top VERY carefully using bbq flipper tongs. Every little smidgen of resin will slowly leak out of the pipe but to speed the process up, once agian VERY carefully pick the piece up and turn the smoking end downward so all the resin drips into the water. Once everythings out take the pipe out and collect ur resin with a butter knife or whatever u like. let it dry for a lil bit and then ur ready to smoke:jointsmile:

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