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    I have no problem with the cleaning of my glass pipes...its what to do with all that resin afterwards! I've got a ball over an oz...and its growing. I won't smoke thru metal. My glass gets too hot. Any suggestions?

    I use every part of my MM...I've found a way to make NONE go to waste except for this.
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    I smoke bongs mostly.

    I filter the water, and I also scrape the resin from the inside of the stem and behind the cone.

    I add it to my 'pure' weed, and it's intense.. The resin from the stem and behind the cone are like hash to me, it's insane.

    The filtered ganga from the water is 'ok'... but to answer your question, just mix it with your usual stuff you smoke. I add tobacco or some other plant to help it burn.

    Sometimes I smoke the resin by it's self, but it's too heavy sometimes.

    I find that if I smoke the weed with tobacco, I get more resin.

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    A very controversial and emotional subject because of the evil spirits in the partially combusted material.

    What I do, is clean all my pipes in alcohol and save all my pipe cleanings and dregs, roaches, and resin in a frappuccino bottle. When the dregs bottle gets full, I pour it into a quart fruit jar, which I fill 3/4 full with the black alcohol from my pipe cleaning vat.

    After shaking the nasty mess every time I think about it for a day or so, I strain it through a fine mesh metal strainer and a couple restaurant sized coffee filters.

    To this mix I add water and equal parts hexane and shake well again, before decanting into a separatory funnel and letting settle.

    You can use a gallon zip lock bag , to save having to clean your separatory funnel. Just hang it by one corner and clip off the bottom corner and pinch it to control the draining.

    The hexane will steal the cannabinoids from the alcohol, and it will rise to the top, leaving the evil spirits in the alcohol and water.

    I decant off the water and alcohol, and then filter the hexane solution at .45 microns to remove the finely divided carbon particles that passed through the original filter and which have absorbed evil spirits and taste.

    I evaporate off the hexane using hot water and a fan, leaving a slightly darker oil than the original honey oil would have been. See attached pictures:

    The resulting oil provides strong pain relief and sedation, but is lower in the lower boiling point euphoric constituets like THC. It also tastes roasted.


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    Does this smoke or can you then use it topically? Its the pain relief that I seek, and with FM this might prove useful!
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    You can do both. Pain relief is good either aspirated, orally, or topicaly and I use it for all three.

    I use a topical, which I call HAOT (holy annointing oil topical), that I have formulated using coconut oil instead of the original olive oil, and used the 15:1 ratio guidelines in the Christian Bible's Exodus. It contains:

    10 grams cannabis oil
    8 grams unrefined coconut oil
    .7 grams cinnamon bark oil
    .7 grams cinnamon leaf oil
    .7 grams liquid gum myrrh

    It will profoundly change your attitude about medical cannabis in about three minutes as the pain just ceases to be, after simply rubbing it on and instead of an impressive exit, there is only "Oh wait, I just noticed that I am not in pain anymore!"

    When I use it orally, I reduce the coconut oil to 3 grams, cut the myrrh to .5 grams, and add 1 gram of concentrated cinnamon candy flavoring oil.

    Don't try the oral mix topically, as MSDS for cinnamon oil topically is 1% and it will burn your skin.

    Good testing! Just say NO to pain and go for the cure! Hee, hee, hee, snicker, snark, snort.................

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    My girl recently discovered the method of infusing resin with kief...

    1. Grind all your bowls for a while. Harvest the kief into your tri-chamber grinder with pollen screen. Occasionally, scrape the kief out of the pollen chamber and place it in a small vessel with a secure lid.
    2. When you run out of money and dro, harvest some resin. Roll the powder until you have a ball. Then place the ball in your small vessel, roll it around to get it all kiefy. Knead it (Not in the small vessel, take it somewhere else. Like your Resin Box) to infuse the kief into the resin, and reroll it into a ball. Repeat a couple times, or until you start crying about how much kief this little ball managed to swallow up.

    3. Place it in the bowl so that it evenly covers the hole. Using a Resin Needle (I would highly suggest not expecting to be able to use this needle for anything else ever again) poke a hole right through the ball and through the hole, into the bowlpiece. Try not to drop the needle into your waterpiece. (Or whatever you happen to be using.) :)

    4. Smoke dat! Reapply your Resin Needle occasionally, as resin has a tendency to clog things up.

    5. ???

    6. Profit!
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    U need to lift up the resin. It just melts and goes back into your pipe. Good trick is use ash from a bowl or cig. Also could get a glass screen.

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