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    I have been thinking about applying for a Job at the mall. Any info on which stores test and which do not?? Macy's, JcPenney, V Sercret
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    i think all the ones u mentioned drug test
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    Yea most do, I did an interview with Marshall Field's and the day I did the interview and accepted the job offer, I had to go to a clinic and drop the same day within a time frame (between 1-3 hours after the interview). I believe most corporate stores will. Now you're mom and pop/independent (if there's such a thing anymore) stores will probably not.
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    y do job places even drug test??

    i mean if u r doing ur job fine and comin to work on time and stuff y should it matter u know?
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    Go work for Gap Inc. None of their stores drug test. I worked at Banana Republic the first year I started smoking. It was great, even some of the managers were smokers.
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    they usally test before you get hired to make sure you do your job right
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    Ever heard of the phrase, one bad apple spoils the batch? All it took was one person to mess it up for everyone else. Some of the "reasons" why companies’ drug test (I used to work in Human Resources) is that companies claim that drug usage impairs the individual to work. Example of claims companies use is: Absenteeism (drug users tend to be 5 times absent than non-users, 3 times more to be in accidents and utilized the health care systems 8 times more than non-users.
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    employment drug testing..........

    Corporate cost reduction is why companies drug test.

    They receive huge breaks in the cost of health insurance they provide and accident insurance that they pay the insurance companies.

    There are all kinds of things that companies can do to recieve "breaks" in the cost of insurance that they pay:

    Nicotine testing is now becoming more and more prominent as you will see significant cost passed onto you by the employer if you smoke cigs. Some companies wont even hire you now if you smoke cigarettes.

    Obesity is now being looked at as well. It's fucking crazy man.

    If your employer provides a work out room where you work, the compoany is recieving a break in their insurance costs.

    Many more things, but needless to say drug testing pre employment and randoms after hire are huge cost reductions, and will never go away!!
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