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Reusing Potting mixes

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by ditdotter, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. ditdotter

    ditdotter Registered+

    I have not seen this question asked before and I would like some input by other growers. Can potting soils be used over again? If yes what would you have to do to the "soil" to make it viable again. Thanks all.
  2. oldmac

    oldmac Registered+

    The first thing you would need to do is sterilize it. This can be done by baking it in an oven, steaming it or microwaving it. Then you can add any amendments or additions to the mix.

    Really easier to start with fresh stuff and I question if saving so little money is it worth it.:D
  3. ditdotter

    ditdotter Registered+


    I would never dream of doing it myself, but I have a growing friend that keeps asking me why not. He seems to think that if you only use it to flower you could use it over. I keep telling him that you still can not tell what nutes are left in the mix because each plant absorbs nutes at different rates and just flushing the mix will not remove the nutes and additives you do not need. I'm tempted to tell him to go ahead a do it. I just do not what him to screw up a grow by doing like you said "trying to save money on soil".
  4. Greenthing

    Greenthing Registered+

    I personaly dont think its a good idea to reuse soil, it seems to be good to use coco again though i have a friend that is into his sixth grow with it.
    He uses cannazyme which breaks down all the dead root matter,:hippy:
  5. midlifecrisis

    midlifecrisis Registered+

    Yeah I would agree, it probably can be re-used but why?

    I tried to re-use soil before and had problems with major ph fluctuations, wasn't worth it in my opinion.
  6. Greenthing

    Greenthing Registered+

    Maybe saves a long drive to the hydro store.:hippy:
  7. midlifecrisis

    midlifecrisis Registered+

    Ya, I suppose so.....guess I am spoiled with proximity.

  8. Greenthing

    Greenthing Registered+

    There are also lot of peeps over here that are very paranoid about going to hydro stores.;):hippy:
  9. oldmac

    oldmac Registered+

    Why even go to a hydro store, that charges retail plus, when you can buy alot of supplies from say a garden supply store?

    I even suggest looking for a greenhouse supply distributor. In the container grow I'm a partner in, we get 3.8 cu/ft bales of Pro-Mix bx, for just under $25 and a sleeve of 125 pots (6" dia) for less then $10. They even have nutrients, clonning powders and gels, etc. The one we use is also a dist. for Hydrofarm products and can order anything in the catalog and is way cheaper then the hydro stores, especially if you pay cash.:D
  10. ditdotter

    ditdotter Registered+

    That's what I do. I go to a little country garden center about 50 miles away. Purchase 4 each 2.8 cubic foot bags of Metro-Mix, pick up a few odds and ends then pay in cash. I have never had a salesperson ask me what I plan on doing with all the potting soil. I get my nutes from a different store in a large city on a Saturday morning when it's crowded and pay cash of course.
  11. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    why would you be so paranoid about buying potting soil, driving 50 miles out of your way ? ? ... you know, potting soil has been sold to people besides pot-growers, for many, many years ... your momma's flowers, like it too :D
  12. martymarty

    martymarty Registered

    I recycle my "potting soil" every year. After harvest I take out the roots, rinse throughly a few times (takes maybe 10 mins in all) than put into garbage cans to sit through the winter months. I have used the same mixture for more than a few years. As to the results? No problems at all. :D
  13. ditdotter

    ditdotter Registered+

    Image Reaper I don't think that I'm that paraniod just trying to play it on the safe side. Plus the fact is the country gardening center where I buy my potting soil is the only place that I know of that carries the type soil I want.

    By the way Image Reaper I keep looking for NCDG seeds at Hemp Depot. I would like to grow some out this winter. Will they be available maybe in December or so?

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