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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mattm2233, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Title says it all. I just bought this and was curious if anyone used this and had any good luck or bad luck. Thanks for any responses.
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    I hate to be the one to tell you but detox products do not work as there is nothing that rids the body of THCA other than time and fat burning exercise. This has been beaten to death here for many years.

    From the product description:

    "Once the 5 Day kit is completed, your body will return to a more natural and healthy toxin free balance."

    This is, of course, 100% bullshit (or not depending on how you look at things seeing as that THC is not a toxin to begin with).

    I hope you saved your receipt. Send that crap back and follow the dilution sticky atop the forum and pass for sure ...OR... just substitute someoness clean or a synthetic urine and don't worry about being clean! You can smoke on the way to and from the test and still pass. Good luck.
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    If you take such claims at face value, then I have a planet in another solar system that is for sale. :rolleyes:

    Detox products are a scam to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" by preying upon the uninformed and credulous, and taking their cash.
    When they work at all, they work by diluting. That means they "work" because of the water that youre required by the product instructions to drink with them. All what youre doing is diluting the THCA concentration that is present in your bladder to where the sample registers a negative on the drug screen. The same thing can be accomplished with just tap water.

    Regardless of what type of fluid is consumed, the dilution phenomena is only temporary - once the fluids ingested had all been urinated out, a 'dirty' donor would resume testing positive for THC, due to the bladder being replenished with fresh THCA-laden urine by the kidneys.

    There is no product that can permanently rid the body of THC, as the sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. Only time and fat-burning exercise can rid the body of THC.
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    BTW, this was directed towards the "product description" (aka "sales pitch") itself and not towards you, Web. :jointsmile: Those claims are, like you said...
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    Never thought for a second it was anything other than that :thumbsup:

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