Rezdog IBL=Scam

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by desertfox, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. desertfox

    desertfox Banned

    I found this thread over at while doing some reading. Thought I should post this here!

    You can't get an IBL in 3 years? 3-4 months for one seed harvest, 36 months/4=9 harvests of seeds, how do you get an IBL out of 9 harvests?

    He's got 1000 seeds in storage for just such an unfortunate event

    Under-worked seeds comes to mind with Rezdog?

    Cheapshit from Rez never gonna happen, that I will believe

    I can see why Rez hates Trolls so much if you make as many stupid claims as he does?

    This was before Rez posted, he hadn't posted in the whole thread then Dutchgrown closes it, so Rez can gather his story to the folk.

    Rezdog's same old story is lie to the ppl who don't know any better
  2. Perp

    Perp Registered+

    So, how do we know it's a scam? All I see is some comments by one person then some comments slamming said person by a different person. Can anyone who has grown the strain say whether it is good or not?
  3. desertfox

    desertfox Banned

    Its got nothing to do with if its good or not it has to do if its an IBL or not?

    And the comments quoted were from Rezdog?

  4. Perp

    Perp Registered+

    So, the other comments are from you, then? And you're saying that it can't be an IBL because the timeframe is too short? I don't know much about breeding an inbred line so I can't say.
  5. desertfox

    desertfox Banned


    From someone else on

    I have his Sour D and Strawberry D, but haven't grown them yet
  6. desertfox

    desertfox Banned

    It seems like that is what Rezdog counts on

    IC Mag deletes and closes threads that ask or even say anything contrary to Rezdog that should almost be enough evidence on its own when someone can't be honest about what they sell
  7. desertfox

    desertfox Banned

    Book Definition of an IBL is at least %90 genetic similarity, with no variation.

    Also called a True-Breeding Strain
  8. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Didn't Rez have some problems at the old CannabisWorld site? I can't recall the exact details but I seem to recall him fighting it out with other breeders over his breeding methods and the way he conducts business.
  9. desertfox

    desertfox Banned

    I have read about that from old OG members madeline

    It is very very hard to create an IBL and I think Rez takes it lightly? He is using the term IBL to scam!

    Even so to speak if he had multiple grows from his first cross to isolate certain traits, then crossing them to his main keeper would be a damn hard thing to do and not possible in only 3 years!



  10. SaH

    SaH Registered+

    So why are you here and not on Icmag ?

  11. desertfox

    desertfox Banned

    Why would I go to IC MAG?
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