Rhode Island committee postpones recreational marijuana recommendation

Discussion in 'Rhode Island (RI)' started by bennykokomilo, Mar 11, 2018.

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    The push to legalize recreational marijuana in Rhode Island hit a snag when a state commission delayed until next year issuing a recommendation that could have advanced the adult-use issue.
    The commission – a group of medical marijuana patients, clinicians and law enforcement officials that was formed in June – won’t release a recommendation on whether to legalize recreational cannabis in the state until 2019, Providence TV station WPRI reported. Here’s what you need to know:
    The commission, which has met four times since October, was expected to release its findings to lawmakers March 1. A spokesman for the House speaker said that even though the commission delayed making a recommendation, adult-use legalization isn’t officially dead for the year. Legislation could still theoretically be passed this year, he told WPRI. There are bills in both the state House and Senate to extend the panel’s work. In January, the governor made a push to expand Rhode Island’s medical marijuana program for 2019.
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    I think some states that want to legalize are playing a waiting game. Trying to hit the sweet spot when they can legalize without being harassed by the feds. I suppose they're figuring that after the 2018 election cycle, there will be more U.S. Congressmen wanting to legalize marijuana. Although Trump is more or less against legalization, if there was enough push from congress, he'd most likely get on board. Maybe not to the extent of outright legalization similar to alcohol, but there are a host of lesser bills in the pipeline or stalled in congress that would open the doors short of outright legalization. Banking and at least rescheduling would be the 2 most needed. They could reschedule marijuana to Class 3 and still save face to say they didn't legalize recreational marijuana. I think of all the bills, as permanent hands off approach by the feds in legal states, plus fixing the banking problem would be the easiest to implement without rescheduling. Both, taken together, would crack the door open to legalizing recreational marijuana in the future. Those fixes would propel a lot more states to consider at least legalizing medical marijuana faster, and eventually the door would be completely open to recreational marijuana on a federal level.

    I think with New Jersey Governor winning the election based, at least partly, on trying to legalize marijuana, it opens to the door to more politicians trying to get elected that support legalizing marijuana. I know there are several races in the country that have at least one person politicking on marijuana legalization. I doubt many would get elected unless they had a solid political platform on topics other than just legalizing weed. Right now, many people running for office will officially stay neutral on the topic of weed other than acknowledging that there are bonafide medical uses for weed. They don't want to upset potential voters who are against legalization.

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