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    Does anyone know about the newly approved compassion centers in RI?
    I heard on the news there would be two. I would like to know the licensing regulations and requirements?
    There is an opportunity here to help hundreds, but I wonder if the State will turn this into something ugly?
    Anyone with any info or desire to put this together and service legally as a non profit?

    Let me know what you think?
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    Read law and spoke to a RI compassion Ctr

    Here it is;

    I read the law about a Compassion Ctr it is good for RI we just have to safeguard against Corporate RI from taking over.

    I spoke to a Compassion Ctr in RI yesterday and they are COOL. Must have a license (card MMJ) to engage them and they will be quite helpful to all. We must safeguard this from corporate RI.

    MMJ patients should band together and form a Compassion Ctr so patients not bueracrats administer and oversee the day to day operations of this insuring price control and inventory of what is needed. If anyone does not think Big Business would not like to take this over wake up. They will run it like a Methadone Clinic, or Porno shop/massage parlor, and this will be a fatal mistake for all Rhode Islanders. The application fee for a Ctr is $250.00 the Ctr must be non profit, and if accepted you must submit $5,000.00 licensing fee and co-operate fully with RIDH for tax and compliance maintenance.

    Relatively simple do not be overwhelmed if we band together we will insure safety and efficacy, there can be board members and it is setup correctly just seems bureaucratic.

    I have my app, a Dr's appointment, the State rules and regs, and will be securing a location to setup a garden shortly.
    Any ideas, NFT, Ebb & Flow, Drain to waste, Stones, Rockwool, Soil, Promix, Perlite, Vermiculite?

    What is the Best Nutrient solution for hydro?

    Please let me know your preferences and favorites.

    I want to thank ljiml420 for his kindness and faith in fellow mankind.
    Life is not without the Disapointments it is what we do with adversity that defines us!
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    you have to be misinformed, as the application has no been drafted from the doh yet. there are several "collectives" in the mmj scene, but that is not to be confused with the compassion centers which will be opened.

    1.there will be one opened at first, with two more later, for a max of three.
    2.they will be a sanctioned, publicly scrutinized, nonprofit business.
    3.the application fees posted were correct.
    4.for a short list of regulations go to RIPAC: Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island

    this will be publicly scrutinized, so please attend the referendums and demand affordable pricing! any other questions, please address me directly.
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    my father, a grower of 40 years, has given me this advice:
    1.start with soil
    2.cut clones from the best plant
    3.then transplant those plants to hydro
    this provides a heartier plant in 2nd generation.
    expect seeds, even with guaranteed females, this will go away.
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    I was wrong it was a COOP

    Dude I am sorry I called them again and specifically asked, it is listed online as a compassion center of RI but is not, and I am sorry for the mishap and Thanx ljiml u r the best!

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