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    We are amazed , you won’t believe this. The first hour of the first drop we could see it happening,,,,Today she has had about 3 dots three times and is very comfortable and almost out of pain for the first time in 6 months ,, She says she can breathe better, I have an oxygen blood meter, digital finger thing, she has been at 95 while sitting and as low as 85% AFTER WALKING 10 STEPS…today she walked 40 steps and it only dropped to 93%, Aaron (a Respirologist) says “Its a miracle, that means the cancer is receding already, Numbers are proof,” So I think she is going to improve so much in the next 9 days the when they scan her again for the new chemo kill fest , they will have to say its shrinking, and I think she will refuse chemo, and continue this course of action with the re- found Delta 9 THC Cancer Killer, thanks a million.want help contact him via +16823050564 or via email......... brownpharma067@gmail.com

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