Ricky's First OutDoor Grow-In South Georgia

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ricky912, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. ricky912

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    Ok guys yesterday i found a spot in the woods. Its a circle opening surrounded by trees. So i brought all my stuff there. First i loosened the soil with my shovel. Then i dug a hole in the middle of the circle. Then i filled the hole with miracle grow topsoil and spread more miracle grow top soil all around the circle. Then i plant about 15 seeds, without germinating them first. Then I put bug/weed killer around the seeds, but some got in the dirt where the seeds are. Was this a stupid idea? Cuz you kno, "weed" killer? How many females do you think ill get?

    Another thing. I planted them yesterday. And i saw that we are having storms tonite around 5 PM. So obiosly i dont have to water for today. But is there anything i can do to prevent flooding? If so what. And if not what do i do after a flooding. I think that it might flood a bit and the seeds might flow around.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated. I live in georgia btw. Its mid srping time. So i think its a good time.

    Thank you

    If yall help me, ill start posting pictures here.
  2. Jdog7000

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    Tey should be fine. Besides it's too late. Nature has the most control over your plants now. But they can handle it. The rain will probably act as a germination process.
  3. Earthy Dank

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    yo ricky, I live up near atlanta... From now on don't use weed-killer.. It probably won't kill you're seeds but you need the other weeds to hide your plants. Make sure you spread the seeds out dont have them too close. Your plot sounds good. And dont worry about your seeds washing away. You need rain to germinate outdoors.
  4. ricky912

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    Thanks. Yeh its raining a bit hard outside. So i wont visit it until tomorrow. Its funny cuz me spot is next to a trail. Well actually next to the trail is a creek, and you gotta jump that. Then go though trees. I dont think anyone would expect weed to be grown that close to a trail. So that makes it a good spot. The trail is behind a gas station, lol thats funny. And i have a good excuse on the way out because of the trail. And the best part is that i ride my bike all the way to the spot. Then i hide it behind some bushes. Then i jump the creek. So non one will ever kno the spot. Btw, the trail has dirtbike marks and bicycle tire marks. These were there before i went there. So people do use the trail. But yesterday went i planted the seeds. I was in the area for about 3 hours. And i didnt see anyone on the trail. Like evertime i go, I dont see anyone. But hey if i do, im doing the same as them, riding my mountain bike. I feel like this is the ultimate plan. Its gunna give me good exercise!! But im scared of one thing. When the buds grow tall, i think you will be able to see it from the street in front of the gas station. But its not real open tho. I mean, you gotta kno its there to see it from the street and cars pass by fast. My biggest problem might be rip offs.. Do you think the cops will see them? They are behind trees, so im thinking it will blend. Only bad thing is cars seeing me from the street. The street is about 200 feet from the spot. I dont kno im just realy paranoid cuz this is my first time and i dont wunna get caught.

    Some questions

    What are some good plants that are easy to grow/manage that help camouflage weed. I was thinking of getting some seeds from walmart but i dont kno what to get. And i was thinking of laying grass seeds all around the grow site. Is this good? Or should i just let the green grow by itself? I need camo!!lol

    I kno this is a noob question, but if you wunna see my area/progress you gotta answer, lol. One i take pictures, where can i upload the pictures to, and how do i post them here?

    Thanks for all your help, im realy excited about this. I have a good feeling.
  5. bluntman3000

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    heyman, is there any garbage in yuor grow area? if there is it means people probely go there...is there any signs of crushed grass/bushes and trees....yout spot seems to risky I doubt cops will find it but if thers bicycle cops in your town they might use that trail....and becasue its close to a trail, im sure kids go and smoke weed in the woods bush whatever......well I don't know since I dont live there so I mite be wrong, give it a try if its only bagseed....or jsut look around some more for spots
  6. ricky912

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    No there is no trash in the area where im growing. But there is in the creek and on the trail. Damn, i remember go to that gas station like a month ago. And there were like 5 cops on bikes driving through the street. Not sure if they use that path. I doubt they do, because they ride the bikes to patrol for people being bad, and theres no people on the trail. Usually...I dont kno, damn you scared the shit outta me. I feel like never going back there. I cant beleive i picked a shitty spot. I knew i should of went exploring for an area while sober. I was high as hell.
  7. Earthy Dank

    Earthy Dank Registered+

    "I dont kno im just realy paranoid cuz this is my first time and i dont wunna get caught."

    This got worse for me as I went... I get soo paranoid sometimes... Helicopters make me panic the worst... fuckers..
  8. Jdog7000

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    I don't know man...Those plants are going to stink.
    Someone will find them.
  9. ricky912

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    I just came back from the site, and its a good spot. I just didnt describe it properly because i didnt remember since i was stoned. There is a street, but there are trees and bushes that cover up the trail next to the road. As for cops going back there on bikes. I dont think so, because the trail is a dead end.

    But i found 1 problem. When i went there, there were like 3 chunks of soil that were out of the ground. It was right dead center on top of where i put all the seeds. I didnt touch anything tho. I just left fast cuz the mosquitos were feasting on me. Next time i wont wear cologne. But anyways, anyone have anyidea what happened? Im think a damn racoon dug the chunks up.
  10. LegallyBlind

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    I think that someone fucking jacked your seeds bro. It might have been some deer though. How much dirt was dug up, and coulf you tell if your seeds were ok?

    I am also going to be starting a guerilla grow opperation soon, and have totally prepared my spot. My spot is in the forest after a moderate hike. You jump off the trail and have to climb through about 6 feet tall poison oak trees spaced around 4 inches apart for about 20 yards. If you're not completely covered you will get horrible poison oak. I created a small tunnel on top of the ground, so that you can climb easily through the poison oak. My spot is completely cleared out of all brush, and the spot is around 12ft by 5ft, but its in an L shape. The hill is also south facing. It also has about 3 different entry and exit routesm that lead to somewhere we can park.

    I feel that my spot is as close to good as can be because it is first of all somewhere no one would ever want to go into or wander because it is so heavily infested with poison oak that it is unable to go through. It is also good because it has high cover around it. it has multiple entrances in case something happens, and its in a remote area.

    I hope everything ends up well for you. Good luck

  11. bluntman3000

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    Hey man, I dont know where you live, dont know if you have a headshop nearby that sells seed, but If you can buy seeds id suggest some lowryder, espensive but it will be worth it.....germianate them if you want (I would) than put them in some good potting soil not dirt in little pots..with the root facing down not half an inch deep either, lik alot of people say too do...just like a milimetre below the soil.....than keep most with spray bottle....keep them under your bed or closet so parents wont see thsan when they sprout put outside in shaded area with sunlight tho......thing about lowryders im sure you can put them in yuor backyard and yuor parents wont know....or jsut in a somewhere near off your proberty......they will only grow to a foot....and be done in 80 days from seed....start now finish in july...before crop hunters or cops go looking.....1 ounce a plant.... and yuoll be set
  12. GaGrown

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    ya shoulda started with sum cuttings! I too live in the south of GA.Been here for sum years,too! It's a great state! you should be putting the cuttings out about the daylight hours being at least 14 1/2 hours of light or the clones will start to flower and set back your harvest time and yeild as well! Just something to plan for next time! Ole' Ga Boy!

  13. kush07

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    Hey ricky, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I am pretty sure that you have some survivors left after the wildlife raided your plot. Just continue to keep the soil moist for the next week or so and see if any sprouts come up. Worst case scenario is that your survivors got put under more dirt than they can handle. I recently had the squirells raid my plot and I found 3 seeds above ground. Shit happens.

    Oh btw, i live in Ga as well so good luck and lets (meaning us Georgians) hope our crops come along well.
  14. ricky912

    ricky912 Registered

    yeh, so far i got 2 seedlings. I would show pics, but i dont kno how to post pics on here.
  15. GaGrown

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    I hope all GA Boys and Gurls.......

    I hope everyone has checked out cha plants if'n they are outdoors.Got alot of rain here! Wondering how all is? It was much needed! Hope all is well!

    Ga Grown

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