Robin Trower - Too Rolling Stoned

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by boaz, Apr 2, 2013.

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    ohhh thats good stuff.
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    Big fan here. Seen Robin 5x since 2008. He still has it. He can wail! Seen him 9x since 1980. He hangs out after shows to sign but he's drained after each show. Listened to my new remastered "Twice removed" last night and Victims for Fury LP.

    Trower - "Into the Flame": (I have this live on FLAC, as well - excellent.)
    Into The Flame - Robin Trower. - YouTube

    Check out concert some photos I took Satriani, Trower, ZZ Top, etc. -
    Flickr: cool09's Photostream

    Columbus OH 2009 -

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  4. Dutch Pimp

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  5. boaz

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    cool, thanks everyone. looks like that whole 2005 show in Germany is on you tube, i'm gonna have to listen to it all now. :jointsmile:
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    Oh, if you don't have the Rockaplast DVD get it. Great sound and camera work! Good closeups.

    Fender put out a DVD with Trower's Signature Strat. (Used to be posted on youtube.) He explains that "I can't wait much longer" was supposed to be "Bridge of Sighs" and plays the progression and similarities (tempo, transitions, etc.). Also said that "Bridge of Sighs" was influenced by War's "Four-cornered Room".

    He doesn't play at ear-shattering levels anymore. I saw him in Pittsburgh '88 in small club. I thought the walls were going to fall apart. But it was cool to see him (after years) in Philly '08 open with "Twice Removed". Fantastic. After first few chords he looked up and gave a smile - seemed he liked the acoustics. (He didn't like the acoustics at BBKings (NYC) '08. Saw him there, too.)

    One of Jimmy Dewar's daughters joined Robin's website couple yrs ago and she left after a month. (I guess it was too much for her.) She got lots of compliments from members.

    (I think the 2009 USA Tour was supposed to be the Farewell Tour but he does have plans for more Tours. (Someone on his site (Steve, "Stevesplace" website) that knows Robin personally stated that he thinks Robin will never stop Touring.))

    War - (Four cornered Room): War - World Is a Ghetto CD Album

    Philly & Indy 2008 -
    fu3ojo.jpg 2hgg5fm.jpg 2n16zau.jpg 30uda9d.jpg
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    He he gettin kinda nostalgic are we? I saw him in this song in all it's wonderful variations!
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    In 77 Robin was doing a show in K. C. with Todd Rundgren. Ice storm that night prevented Todd from getting there. Robin had the show to himself and played for over 5 hr.s I could listen to him play all night!
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