Rockwool Germination and Superthrive

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Sgt. Stedenko, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Sgt. Stedenko

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    I got my seeds, I got my propogation dome, I got Grodan A-Okplugs, and I got Superthrive.

    Got a couple of questions:

    1) The Grodan package says all I have to do is soak the cubes briefly in water with juice of a lemon. Is this ok for cannabis?

    2) How much water do I put into the tray of the dome?

    3) When should I add Superthrive and how much?

  2. karmaxul

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    I flush the crap of them as they have lime in them. I cut the bag and stab it a bunch of times and put it in the tub with the water going for a while. Superthive one to two drops per gallon. Mist the dome it self. I have never heard of cloning with one cm sq cubes so I got no idea
  3. Easy Roller

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    Soak them over night in a jug of ph adjusted water..test in the morning to find the ph of the rockwool cubes...the solution in the jug with the cubes in should read between pH 5.6 - pH 6.

    Take your seeds now and place them on the cubes and with a knife tip excavate some fibres from the surface of the rockwool , gently and surgicaly bury the seed under the surface . Close it over with some fibres from the surrounding rockwool..The seed should be completely buried but only by a thin layer of rockwool strands.

    Keep in a warm place and in a few days you will have seeds sprouting up out of the cube and ready to be moved to the lighted grow area.

    Use a "dome" or ..a small plastic tub [like me]

    read the instructions on the Super thrive and halve the concentration when germinating seeds

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