Roll with two skins?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Nation_1ne, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Nation_1ne

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    Hey, any of you guys got some tutorials on how to roll with two skins? I've run out and only have tiny Rizla, any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Pipe Dreams

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    lol dude lick the glue on one and stick it to the non sticky end of the other
    Hella wide :D
  3. lil josh

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    roll a L skin
  4. TokinAsianGuy

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  5. Nation_1ne

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    I wish it was that easy lol. I thought "Hmmm common sense just lick the other side, then BAM whack em' together!"...How wrong was I.

    Thanks mate much appreciated. Turns out it is sort of common sense lol.
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  6. lil josh

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    ok i will try and explain how to roll a L skin as best i can if not just roll 2 single skins and smoke them one after another.

    ok take your first rizla and have it sticky side furthest away from you
    Get the other rizla and place it at the top of the other rizla so that the sticky side is facing up and touching the top of the rizla ___| so its a 'L' shape' lick about a inch of the sticky bit of the rizla and stick the second rizla onto the first one so that it is secure, this will give you about an extra inch in length just roll like normal and lick the remaiing bit of the sticky sid of the 2nd rizla when sticking.

    hope you understood this if not i done you a lil can also cut the rizla to your right where i have done a dotted line.

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  7. wil86

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    Stage 1:
    Get 2 rizzla and put them end to end so that the gum is lined up.

    Stage 2:
    Overlap the 2 skins and lick a tiny bit of where the rizlas join and stick and let dry. Now obviously this isnt going to hold so...

    Stage 3:
    Get a third skin, open it up and fold it in half from short end to short end with the gum on the outside.

    Stage 4:
    Lick both sides of the gum and wedge it between the overlap of the 2 skins, Press down so that it sticks.

    Stage 5:
    Quickly but carefully peel off the still wet rizla and discard of it. The gum from that rizla is now between the other 2. Press down to stick and leave to dry. Now you have 2 small skins end to end... ENJOY
  8. cleareyes

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    get a gluestick

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